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Pokemon Showdown Stadium: Battle one!

by nooblynob

nooblynob !(Go read the intro before reading this so you know whats going on)
Sandslash: And we are back and ready for an awesome battle! Team 1, are you ready? Are you ready, Team 2? Okay! Lets do this! Let the battle begin! Mightyena started with a Shadow Ball attack! Okay now Gardevoir is using Psychic to hold Mighyena's shadow ball! And now Gardevoir is sending it back! Carvanha used Water Pulse to push the shadow ball away from Mightyena! Now carvanha is using surf, and mightyena is riding the wave with carvanha! A critical hit on Meditite! Mightyena waited until the wave crashed, and then used crunch on Meditite. Meditite fainted! Gardevoir used Moonblast on Mightyena! Its super effective! Mighyena fainted! Now, just Carvanha and Gardevoir are on the field! Carvanha used Water Pulse! Gardevoir became confused! Gardevoir hurt itself in confusion! Gardevoir fainted! Team 2 are the victors! Congrats to Mightyena and Carvanha, you will be moving on! Carvanha started glowing. Is that what I think it is? Carvanha is evolving! *evolution music plays* Carvanha has evolved into Sharpedo! Well, now its gonna be an even tougher challenge to beat Team 2. Sandslash: Thats all for today folks, stay tuned for more Pokemon Showdown Stadium! Next time it will be Team 3 vs Team 4, stay tuned!
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