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Pokemon: Saviors of Kanto: Pokemon: Saviors of Kanto Part 2

by CorruptedRarity

CorruptedRarity Previously in the story, Red was facing Lorelei in order to reach the champion Paul. With Leaf and Ash's support Red continues to fight
Red's Jolteon and Lorelei's Lapras were clashing until Lapras went down "You're good kid, that's two of my Pokemon down already" said Lorelei returning Lapras "Don't underestimate me just because I'm some kid from Pallet Town" said Red "Go Red! You got this brother!" cheered Ash, Ivysaur joined the cheer as well as Mightyena. Just as Lorelei was about to send out her next Pokemon, a group of kids broke in through the window and pointed their Ice Pistols at everyone. "Alright nobody move!" one kid cried "guess this battle will have to be put aside kid" said Lorelei "these guys never stop" said Red. Two kids, a boy and a girl, faced Red "we meet again kid, sorry to cut your battle short but as you can tell, the boss has already covered Fuchsia City in ice" said the girl. Leaf walked by Red "You wanna pick a fight?" she asked then smirked, she let out Flareon "You got one." The masked kids sent out a Vanilluxe and a Cryogonal. Red returned Jolteon then sent out Charizard. "Vanilluxe use Hail!" cried the girl. Hail rained down from the sky "Flareon use Fire Blast!" cried Leaf. A blast of fire hit Vanilluxe. Vanilluxe went down and fainted "Cryogonal use Ice Beam!" cried the boy. Cryogonal shot out a beam of ice at Charizard "Charizard use Flamethrower!" cried Red. Charizard shot out fire from it's mouth at Cryogonal. Cryogonal went down and fainted. "Don't bring ice to a fire fight" said Leaf returning Flareon. Red returned Charizard "we better retreat" said the boy "we'll be back soon" said the girl. The masked kids retreated through the window they broke into. Lorelei clapped "that was impressive" she said "Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we still have a battle to finish" said Red "You know what, I'll let you pass. Next time you come back I'll give you a full fight." Red, Leaf, and Ash walked into the next room and saw Bruno sitting on the ground with his eyes closed "I saw what you did in Lorelei's room. But I won't let you pass so easily" he said. He opened his eyes, smirked, and stood up. "You got this Red, I believe in you" said Leaf "You can do it Red!" cried Ash. Red sent out Aggron, Bruno sent out Hitmonchan.

To Be Continued...
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