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Pokemon: Sanctuos Legends- Tommy Profile

by UnfocusedTrainer

UnfocusedTrainer This is a more detailed profile from an OC template I found on deviantArt from the user CuteLittleNightmare. Just want to get a more focused profile on here as I begin to upload my major characters for my series which I have now named "Pokemon: Sanctuos Legends".
Personal Data
Name: Thomas "Tommy" Palm
Age: 16
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Gray


Birthplace: Sause Town, Sanctuos Region
Current location: Sause Town, Sanctuos Region
Occupation: Soon to be Trainer
Affiliations: N/A
Alignment: Neutral-Chaotic Good

Likes: Pokemon, Cooking, Aura Training, Relaxing and just having fun with his Pokemon
Heights, his Pokemon getting horribly hurt and letting down his friends
Berserk buttons: Bullies


Badges: None yet
Other achievements: Trained in Aura, received first Pokemon at age 6

Tommy is a kind, more introverted person. He's thoughtful and very sensitive. His actions are often motivated by his heart, driven by emotion and not by logic which can often lead him into lots of bad situations that are beyond his control. But he has a fierce desire to help people in anyway he can. He's often seen as strange, doing actions and not being aware of other people. But those who he call his friends have a great ally and a dependable person on their side.

Thomas Palm was born in the Sanctuos Region to Professor Bert Palm and Martha Palm. Growing up with a Pokemon Professor as a father, Tommy has been around Pokemon since his first moment he was brought into this world. Because of his mother, Tommy was born with a great amount of Aura and the talent to use it. In fact, rather easily wield it. Tommy also grew to love Pokemon whole heartedly, and gathering info from a very young age. However, his true colors would show when he was 6 years old.
Tommy was playing outside of town when he saw a small group of Ralts running away from a pack of Poochyena led by a Mightyena. Tommy witnessed the Mightyena's pack chasing and bullying the Ralts. Tommy, in his infinite 6-year wisdom rushed in to help the Pokemon. He fought the Mightyena with his budding Aura powers. This led to gaining the respect and admiration of the Ralts group... and for one in particular. A Shiny Ralts, whom Tommy gave the name "Lilly", decided to stay with Tommy and watch over him. Not officially his Pokemon, since he wasn't a Trainer, Lilly became Tommy's first Pokemon and over the years evolved into Kirlia and bonded with Tommy. Even helped him to understand other Pokemon.
Tommy, also during this time, became friends with Cherry Pine whose dream is to be a Pokemon Professor. They became very quick friends, and even at a young age Tommy had a crush on this girl. Beautiful, smart but modest. They grew up together, and Cherry even gained her first Pokemon, Inky which is a boy Zorua, and they have been inseparable.

Battle strategy:
Tommy likes to make his battles quick as to avoid unwanted problems and injuries to his and another's Pokemon. However, if the battle cannot be quick he tends to have unorthodox strategies to keep an opponent on their toes. This often lends to Tommy having an advantage over regular Trainers and Grunts of Team Scavenge. However, against more seasoned opponents with strategies of their own it can be a strain to find one to match the situation.

Pokémon #1:
Name: Lilly
Species: Kirlia
Gender: Female
Personality: Modest Nature, acts motherly especially to the other Pokemon that Tommy receives in his party. Shiny as well. She has a near unbreakable bond to Tommy and even used her Psychic powers to help Tommy understand Pokemon.

Pokémon #2:

Pokémon #3:

Pokémon #4:

Pokémon #5:

Pokémon #6:

Trivia: Tommy is the name of one of my first OCs that I am reusing for this character
Character theme: N/A Currently
Character Battle theme: N/A Currently