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Pokemon Red Team (PRE-E4)

by sandstorm57102

sandstorm57102 this will be my team before i take on the elite 4 in pokemon red
Verde(Venusaur) level 54-58
Sleep Powder, Cut, Toxic, SolarBeam
Wukong(Primeape) level 50-52
Submission, Strength, Dig, Thrash
Aviator(Fearow) level 50-52
Fly, Double-Edge, Sky Attack, Razor Wind
Kasai (Arcanine) level 50-52
Flamethrower, Bite, Body Slam, Skull Bash
DigDug (Dugtrio) level 50-52
EarthQuake, Slash, Rock Slide, Dig
Helix (Omastar) level 50-52
Surf, Ice Beam, Seismic Toss, Spike Cannon