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Pokemon Red and Blue- Trainer Blue

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest I've bought the original Pokemon Blue game for the 3ds! There are so many changes that separate it from the newer versions, but there is one in particular....you can't play as a girl.

Which has been quite an issue for me.

Call me a girly girl and such, but I really don't like playing as male characters. (Unless their gender can be debated, such as Yoshi and other characters in different franchises.) so I drew this with the intention of drawing my whole team, but I could only muster up the patience to draw Blue, my character's name, and her Mew, Plum. I drew 'Red' as a girl for my own comfort. XD also, sorry it's very messy. I just wanted to draw this and play Blue at the same time....which doesn't work.