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Pokémon: Pokémon Rebellion & Justice

by Fenrir Kamiya

Fenrir Kamiya A Fanfic in the Pokémon World that runs from the classic storyline of the series.
Pokémon Justice & Rebellion


Heat was all I felt. "Paf!" Something had hit me in the head. I awoke slowly. All I saw was a world made of flames.
 The-what happened ?? - I asked while awake.
There was smoke. A lot of smoke. ... My house was on fire! I was lying on my bedroom floor and beside me, I could make out the figure of a little beside me. He was giving me light blows to the head.
 you wake me up?
 Riii! - He replied.
My mind had begun to lighten and my vision was getting used to low light environment. I got up, but I began to cough. I almost fell to the ground again. Little Pokemon helped me to my feet. I realized he was a small armband. I even had placed a few hours before.
 you are the Riolu mutt that was abandoned near here, right?
 Riii! - He replied, nodding in agreement.
I started coughing again. The Riolu pulled me by the hand toward the exit. We got out of my room and I looked around in search of my parents or my sister. Anything. The Riolu pulled me towards the exit door, but I pulled him back.
 We need to find my family!
 river river Rio! - He screamed and struggled, pulling me toward the door.
I ignored him and pulled him back. The heat was unbearable, the smoke was dense. I could not breathe properly. I ran hard into the bedroom of my parents. I opened the door and tried to look inside, was warmer and had more smoke than in the rest of the house. I searched his eyes sign of anyone in the room, until I saw someone lying near the window. I approached the person and saw it was my mother. He appeared to be unconscious.
 Mother! Mom! Wake up! We need to get out of here! - I shouted at her as she tried to revive her.
She opened her eyes with dificulade. His face, which was as beautiful as an angel's, was singed and with horrible burns. She tried to wipe his eyes and focused on me.
 Son! Are you alright! That's good!
 Mom! Where is Dad? And the mana?
 Son listen! Cough cough. - My mother spoke with difficulty. - His father, tried to fix everything, but to no avail, still trust him!
 We need to leave Mom!
 Son, just for me, I can not get out of here. And your sister...
She moved the body to the side and I saw the worst stage of my life. My sister, who was only four years, was unconscious, with completely burned skin, blood dripped from his head and covered his face deformed by burns. Half of her body was beneath a pile of wood on fire, which was also the legs of my mother. It was evident that my mother tried to protect her, to no avail.
I was paralyzed. The scene was very strong. I began gradually to lose consciousness. The voice of my mother made me come back to reality.
 Son! Listen to me! Your father can explain everything! But until then you have to live! Get out of here! FLEE!
I was still in shock, but instinctively ran to the door. I left the room, I stopped and took a last look. I could not see nothing but fire and smoke. Riolu and I ran hard toward the exit, parts of the walls and the ceiling fell close to us. We stopped abruptly with a loud and sudden sound. A part of the ceiling had fallen in front of us, preventing our passage. The smoke was gathering above us, I could not keep my eyes open and coughed wildly. I knelt down and hugged Riolu.
 ... cough! Cough! Which came to an end, partner ...
 River river. - He hugged me back.
BLAM! The corridor in front of us opened with a bang. At the end of the hall, at the exit door, there was the silhouette of a deer slightly bright as a rainbow, staring at me.
"It is not yet your time, Fenrir Kamiya. You still have an important role to play. "
The angelic voice echoed in my mind just before I lost consciousness ...

End of prologue

Chapter I

Fenrir Kamiya

Pokémon League palace
00:15, Monday.
Fifteen years have passed after the fire that killed my mother and my sister and images in my mind is still clear. Even today, I 21 years, I still have nightmares about that day. I shook my head and concentrated on what I was about to do. I walked to the balcony of my room and focused on the full moon. I looked at the clock on the wall of the room. Midnight and sixteen.
 It is late, Fighter. - I commented to my lucario.
 Car car.
Since the night of the fire Riolu was with me, we were the survivors of that disaster. We develop a greater bond than coach-Pokemon. We are friends, partners. Lucario can feel the aura of emotions of people and has assigned to it to others. We use this ability to communicate.
 We can not wait any longer. Are you ready Fighter?
 Car, CAR! - I felt his aura, it was determined. We were ready to get away from the palace!
I went toward my backpack when I heard banging on the door.
 Honey! Sorry I'm late! Can I come in?
 in, Aki.
Aki Izayoi is my bride. Since I started to live in the palace of the league pokémon, Aki me was promised in marriage, to belong to an influential family here from Kalos region. And I, adopted son of the champions league of Kalos, our marriage would approach two important influences in this region.
 Sorry about the delay dear, I was finishing packing my things!
 Aki ... we had this conversation. You do not go with me. - I told him firmly
She fixed me with his gaze censorship, which which I was accustomed. The look "will sleep on the couch so. "
 I will not let you out into the world so alone! - She answered.
 Aki ... - I tried to stay calm. - I will not go on vacation. You know why I'm running away. Will be dangerous, I will be pursued by guards, by wild Pokémon and of course, the team Flare.
 It is for this reason, dear. I can fight too! We train together forever, I'm as good as you! And besides ... - she hesitated for a moment. - I want to be with you forever.
 Aki ... all I want most is to be with you, but I need to do justice. I will not have peace, nor can I give myself body and soul to you if I can not do that. I think of you every day. So please ... stay here in safety.
 NO! I'LL GO WITH YOU! - She cried.
Aki threw himself on me and hugged me. Started to cry. I felt great guilt chest and I understood a little of what she was feeling. If the situation were reversed, I would feel the same way. I hugged her tightly and stroked her hair. Amid the crying she still managed to say.
 I love you Fenrir. I will not support if something happens to you!
My heart was heavy and the tears came into my eyes. With this gesture I knew I would only have one thing to do. It would be the hardest thing of my life.
 I also love Aki, more than anything. You win, we go together. - I forced a smile.
 Yes! I knew it! I always I win! - She flashed a big smile.
 But let's enjoy tonight yet, let's get out early, before dawn, okay?
She wiped her face tears and sat up in bed. He looked at me, sensual way, which made me a little embarrassed.
 "Take this night? "What are you thinking dear?
We've been together since childhood and she still could embarrass me with their sentences. I let out a small smile the corner of his mouth, looked into her eyes.
 Exactly what you're thinking, naughty! - I told him
 naughty!? I? Just imagine. I'm prude, you being mean to me!
She closed her mouth shaped beak, slightly swollen cheeks and eyes me with an innocent look. It was amazing how it changed sexy to innocent so fast. No matter how many times she did, always impressed me.
She looked back at me with sensuality, this time raised his right leg toward my chest and began to fiddle with foot slightly. With the gesture I could clearly see her panties beneath the dress. She knew I was looking at.
 And then? Will look too much? - She said in a soft and sensual.
 No, I looked enough! - I told him, as I took my shirt.
So we love each other again, between kisses and caresses our bodies became one. Although we were already familiar with one another, this time was more intense. Almost as if we had just met.
When we finished, we were exhausted. It was very intense. Aki looked at me and smiled satisfied way.
 I love Fenrir. Let rest, tomorrow will be a great day!
 I love you, my queen. - I told.
I kissed her again, caressed her face and she closed her eyes. I lay down beside her and wrapped my arms, but did not sleep. I waited a while to make sure that she was asleep. I rose from my bed grabbed her backpack and headed for the door. Before leaving, I turned to her and admired for some time. Even being together since childhood, I still saw her as the most beautiful woman in the world. And I am indeed a "prince" Pokemon League. I could have any woman I wanted. But it never crossed my mind. Aki Izayoi was the woman of my life.
 Forgive me Aki. I may be selfish, but it's something I need to do. The man who destroyed my family adopted me and raised me as a child only to create for themselves a good and strong leader. I need to expose the truth to the world and show how their leader is horrible. I must avenge the death of my mother and sister. But for that I have to get support from the gym leaders and win the league pokémon. If I become champion, I can expose the truth and I will have authority to destroy the current leader, my adoptive father. - I thought high, taking care that Aki not wake up.
I looked a little more for it and took a deep breath. Our time together was so wonderful that for a moment I almost gave up and went back to sleep with her. But the image of my mother and sister dead weighed my heart. I knew I could never give myself to Aki until you heal my own darkness.
 Wait for me izayoi. I swear that I will come to you. Not like a prince full of darkness, but as the Pokémon League Champion of the Kalos region!
I admired her for a few seconds and left the room silently.
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