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Pokemon Reality Mania - Episode 1, Part 1 -

by PokemanCraft

PokemanCraft Raichu and Blaziken, two random Pokemon, are hosting a show called Pokemon Reality Mania. In the show, twenty two Pokemon will live in a mansion for one hundred and five days, and every five days, somebody will be kicked out of the mansion. The last Pokemon standing wins the mansion.
"Hello, everybody!" Raichu said, waving to the camera. "I'm the host for this new reality show, Pokemon Reality Mania!" Raichu played a cheering sound effect on his PikaPod as Blaziken floated to the right side of him.

"And I'm Blaziken, the co-host!" Blaziken also waved to the camera, arriving to the ground. "Anyway, Raichu, explain the rules of this reality show!" Blaziken then walked offscreen.

"Anyway, twenty two randomly picked Pokemon are going to be living inside a mansion." Raichu explained. "They're going to have to live their lives inside the mansion for one hundred and five days, and every five days, three random contestants will be picked to do a challenge, and the loser will be kicked out of the mansion!"

"And the last one standing WINS THE MANSION!" Blaziken said as Raichu played another cheering sound effect.

"Anyway, the Pokemon are being taken into the mansion now, so we're gonna stop the footage here and start the contest." Raichu turned off the camera that was infront of him.

- Theme song plays, then it shifts over to the Pokemon entering the mansion. -

All the Pokemon were amazed when they saw the inside of the mansion. It was so classy, and it was filled with valuables that anybody would die for. After a minute of reactions, a Pokemon finally spoke up.

"THIS... IS... AWESOME!" Tepig, a fire pig, yelled at the top of his lungs. "THERE'S A COUCH AND A FRIDGE!" Tepig ran to the kitchen.

"This is actually pretty cool!" Vulpix, a fire fox, said.

"Yeah!" Pansage and Panpour, grass and water monkeys, said simutaniously. "This is going to be so much fun!" They said simutaniously again.

"They do that all the time..." Pansear, a fire monkey, said in an annoyed tone. "They're sisters."

"So that explains why they already annoy me..." Jigglypuff, a pink puffball, said.

"Shut up, Jigglypuff. You don't even know them." Pikachu, an electric mouse, told Jigglypuff.

"I also don't care about them." Jigglypuff said.

"That's so rude!" Pansage and Panpour said simutaniously.

"I know, right?" Clefairy, another pink puffball, said.

"Like I said, I don't care." Jigglypuff said.

"Can we stop fighting?" Froakie, a water frog, asked. "I mean, we're inside a mansion, can't we atleast enjoy our time in here?"

"Yes, I guess so." Clefairy said.

"We agree!" Pansage and Panpour both said.

"So, let's go and enjoy our time here!" Froakie said as everybody ran to a different part of the mansion.

- End of chapter -
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  1. PokemanCraft
    Feb 11, 2015
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  2. Azur
    This sounds fun! It looks really good, too, so I'll be watching for more.
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