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Pokemon: Prehistoric Journey: Pokemon: Prehistoric Journey: Part 2

by DarknessField

DarknessField Once again: I am not a good writer, just doing this because i'm bored and just for fun. I will continue the series until i think: "This will be the end of the series". Anyways: Let's get started! (This continues immediately from Part 1)
And then suddenly, it became dark in the cave, pitch black! When Unga (I couldn't think of any better name for Prehistoric Humans) thought he couldn't see anything, he saw some red dots all around him, but then, the dots moved and started circling around him! He got scared and started moving his arms around to try to find the wall, but all he felt was fur. Then the lights went on and the mysterious red dots weren't there anymore.

Full of caution, Unga started to walk ahead. But after hours of walking, the cave ended with nothing. It was a dead end! Full of disappointment Unga turned around and walked back to the exit. But once he turned around he heard this noise of something opening. He turned around again and it turned out that the wall was actually a secret door, when he walked inside, he saw this pile of clay. But it wasn't just a pile of clay, on the clay was something written! Unga couldn't read, almost nobody could. But there was one man in village who could read! Unga didn't doubt for a moment and picked up the pile of clay and ran back to the village.

Once arrived in the village, he ran to the oldest man in Town, he could read. When Unga gave it to the man, the man was shocked. The man said: "On this "book" it says:"...

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    Yeah, i need time!
    Apr 12, 2016
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    Apr 12, 2016
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