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Pokemon platinum sesson 1: Pokemon platinum

by theocasey

theocasey Episode 1 cimchar i choose you
(Narrator after Theo leafing univa and Ray and silver lefing kounto Theo Ray and Silver travel to sinno and also they had 1 choice of piplup cimchar and turtwig Theo choose cimchar Ray choose turtwig and Silver choose piplup) (SilverTheo let's have a battle) (Theoyour on since we only have 1 pokemon lets have a 1 on 1) (Silver ok LET'S BATTLE) 1 battle later (Silver wow your stonger then I thought ok heres 210 pokedollers for winning) (Theo sweet) (Narrator so Theo Ray and Silver set off on there journey those 3 are trying to caught there 1st pokemon starly but what will they do find out in the next episode) To be continued
  1. theocasey
    sorry episode 3 coming soon
    Nov 27, 2015
  2. theocasey
    Episode 3 out tommorow
    Aug 20, 2015