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Jewels of Friendship: Pokemon Platinum: Jewels of Friendship Chapter 1--Nightmare Appearance

by SailorInSpace

SailorInSpace A young boy arrives in Floaroma Town. What ominous atrocity awaits him?
“Are we there yet?” asked a young boy, who lazily rested head on his arms. “Look at poor, Rockstar. He’s bored!”
“Relax, we are flying above the Sinnoh region now,” said a woman wearing a dark red sun hat.
“We were supposed to be here last night,” said the boy.
“Qui,” said the Cyndaquil sitting on his lap.
“Well, I’m sorry,” said the woman. “A strange storm popped up out of nowhere and we had to take a detour. Just be grateful the pilots knew Jubilife city wasn’t the only place in Sinnoh they could land a plane.”
“Where are we going to land anyway?” asked the boy, before the plane came to an abrupt stop on the ground.
“Go see for yourself, Lucero,” said the woman. “Thanks to the Psychic type Pokémon up front with pilots, we just landed safely.”
“How the heck do you know that?” asked Lucero.
“I looked out the window,” said the woman, who spoke in a low, yet stern voice. “Do not leave this field without me.”
“Field?” replied the young boy, before placing Cyndaquil on the floor.
Following the burst of excitement filling his chest, Lucero ran to the front of the plane where the door was. His yellow sneakers squeaked across the plane with every step he took. The young boy almost ripped the pocket off of his red hoodie due to his impatient fleeing. Once he got to the door, Lucero pulled a camera out of his blue jeans. He then opened the door to see a beautiful landscape of flourishing flowers. From left to right, the entire field was covered in an array of different flowers. Some were yellow while others were pink though a majority of them were blue.
No longer being able to resist, Lucero ran down the steps the pilots had just lowered. The mechanics of the steps had not even been going long enough to reach the ground. However, this impatient boy was not going to be still any longer. Cyndaquil followed his trainer into the air with a jump of his own. Unfortunately, the Pokémon’s small arms and legs did not allow for long jump. Consequently, the little fire mouse Pokémon face planted into the ground beside his owner’s feet.
“Are you okay, Rockstar?” asked Lucero, as the little creature raised its arms up revealing a star birthmark on its belly.
Cyndaquil wanted his trainer to cuddle him. After rolling his eyes in annoyance, Lucero picked up the tiny Pokémon. He then began walking toward a patch of pink flowers. The sky above added to the beauty of nature sprawling out as far as the eye could see. Shining down on the flower field, the sun seemed brighter than ever. This left Lucero with a bit of confusion.
“What storm are we avoiding again?” asked the boy.
“Do not come here,” said an ominous voice.
“What?” asked Lucero. “Who said that? Show yourself!”
“I do not take orders from humans,” said the ominous voice, before a rush of dark wind pushed Lucero backward onto the ground.
In response, Rockstar ready itself with a battle stance. It knew something was coming. Inside the dark wind swirling over the pink flower patch, a black orb appeared. The black orb grew to be one inch tall and shaped itself into a furry looking Pokémon. Only concerned with protecting its trainer, Rockstar sent out a stream of flames from its mouth.
“I’m afraid that won’t work little ‘mon,” said the ominous voice, during creatures intense outpouring of effort. “Try as you might, that attack won’t get through the wind barrier.”
Despite hearing its efforts were futile, the little fire mouse did not give up. Thankfully, his trainer commanded an attack he knew would work. With a look of agreement on its face, the Cyndaquil turned to face his trainer. Then, it charged forth in a Tackle attack in order to knock the black orb outside of the swirling dark wind.
“You little pests,” said the ominous voice. “That orb cost me more energy than you could fathom! Regardless, it finished forming before you could do anything. Nightmare Eevee, take care of them!”
The black orb shot apart when the ominous voice gave that command. Where it once floated, a black Eevee now existed. Lucero had never seen an Eevee that dark of a color before. It had a gray tip of coloring at the end of its tail that matched the gray mane of fur around its neck. Just to match the foreboding atmosphere the thing created, its eyes had a slight bit of blood red coloring toward the bottom. In a flash, Lucero pulled out his Pokédex to examine the thing.
“Eevee, the evolution Pokémon,” said the Pokédex. “A creature with the ability to change itself into many forms. Girls seek out it out for its cuteness while boys hunt for them due to its future usefulness in battle. This Eevee seems to have a maleficent presence surrounding it.”
“That sounds normal,” said Lucero. “So, what’s going on?”
Before he could think, the evil looking Pokémon jumped at his Cyndaquil using quick attack. The creature summoned an aura of white light around it to charge at a bursting speed at Lucero’s Rockstar. Unable to counter, Lucero commanded his Cyndaquil to use flamethrower. Since he knew he probably couldn’t beat this strange Pokémon, Lucero was going to go for the side effect of flamethrower—the chance of catching your foe on fire.
“Go, Rockstar!” yelled Lucero. “Push all your power out! Flamethrower.”
Set ablaze by his trainer’s words, the four red spots on Cyndaquil’s back protruded with red-orange flames. Once it raised its yellow underside off the ground, Rockstar sent out a bursting stream of flames from its mouth. The attack successfully hit the Nightmare Eevee, which caused its body to become engulfed by fire.
“All right!” shouted Lucero. “We hit it!”
Despite having its body engulfed by flames, the evil looking Eevee did not seem to be effected. Though the lingering flames indicated a burn, no energy seemed to be drained from the strange Pokémon. Before he realized, the Nightmare Eevee shot forth in blinding speed at his Cyndaquil. The impact from the Eevee’s Quick Attack knocked Rockstar into Lucero’s stomach, making both of them fall backward. Much to Lucero’s sudden fear, his Cyndaquil fainted immediately.
“Hang in there,” said Lucero, who had just ran through an opening in the tree line. “I’ll get you to the Pokémon Center A.S.A.P.”
With the relaxing scent of flowers filling the air, Lucero bolted for the Pokémon Center located near the entrance of Floaroma Town. Cyndaquil opened its eyes a little due to the sweet, soothing smell of the flourishing flower gardens decorating the town. Unfortunately, before Lucero could reach the Pokémon Center, Rockstar closed its eyes once again. This time, the little fire mouse Pokémon went limp from fainting.
“Nurse!” screamed Lucero, as he rushed through the Center’s electronic doors. “Help me! My Cyndaquil got knocked out by a terrible Pokémon in the flower fields. You have to save it!”
“Calm down,” said the nurse, before she reached into her pocket. “Give Cyndaquil this Revive. It will restore its energy.”
Once Joy handed the young boy a diamond shaped yellow tablet, he crushed it in his hands. Then, upon rolling Rockstar onto its back, Lucero gently opened the little fire mouse’s mouth. After getting the crushed up power into Cyndaquil’s mouth, he turned the Pokémon back over so it could rest on its stomach. Feeling like he could breathe again, Lucero sat down at the stool next the pink counter.
“Thank goodness you were here,” said Lucero. “If I hadn’t learned from Mom that there was a Pokémon Center in the town we landed by, I would have been in trouble.”
“Why is that?” asked the nurse.
“My Pokémon would have been miserable,” said Lucero, as his voice grew heavy. “I-I wouldn’t be able to bare that. He is my best friend! My Mom gave him to me last week for my eleventh birthday. In one week, we’ve grown closer together than I have with anyone in my entire life.”
“Awesome,” said a black haired girl, standing behind Lucero.
“Huh?” uttered Lucero.
“Ah, I’m sorry,” said the girl. “I ended up eavesdropping there. I got worried when you came rushing through the door’s in a fit. I don’t like it when Pokémon suffer so…I wanted to give you these.”
Cupped in the sweet girl’s tanned hands were two Oran berries. She spoke in a soft voice to tell Lucero that these berries would restore the energy of his Pokémon. Since Cyndaquil was still unconscious from the early fight, the girl offered to grind them into a paste. Nurse Joy showed her to the kitchen while Lucero remained with his sleeping Cyndaquil.
Following behind the Pokémon Center’s nurse with the two Oran berries in her hands, the black haired girl began to think about Lucero. She thought about the determination she could see in his yellow colored eyes. It was the same kind of determination she had in her eyes when wanting to help an injured Pokémon. Beginning to let herself get distracted, she thought how his black hair had the same shine as hers. Does he care for his hair the same way I care for mine?
“Surely not,” said the girl.
“Did you say something?” asked the nurse.
“Oh, don’t worry about!” said the girl, who blushed in embarrassment. “I just ended up talking out loud.”
“I see,” said the nurse, before placing her hands on a white door. “This is the kitchen. Please use it as you see fit. I’m going back up front to get Cyndaquil and the boy.”
“Thank you, Miss. This should only take me a few minutes,” said the girl. “If it doesn’t, my name isn’t Maple!”
Upon entering the kitchen, Maple pulled a light red apron out of her white backpack. She put it on over the top of her white, floral patterned sun dress. During the process of berry grinding, Maple let her mind wander off to Lucero again. The girl thought about how Lucero’s eyes stood out from his Caucasian skin as well as the fiery contrast it made against his red hoodie. It was almost like a small, burning flame.
“Excuse me,” said Lucero, who had quietly walked in holding Cyndaquil. “The nurse said to come back here with Rockstar. Are you done with the berry paste yet?”
“Almost,” said Maple. “Just let me add the finishing touch for your fire Pokémon.”
Out of her bag, Maple pulled a bottle of red pepper flakes. She poured a tiny amount into her hands and added it to the blue past from the ground up Oran Berries. With a touch of spiciness in the refreshing paste, Maple knew Cyndaquil would eat every bite. When the Pokémon was placed on the counter near the bowl containing the berry paste, it stuck its long snout like nose to the paste to sniff. Apparently pleased at the smell, Cyndaquil began licking the energy restoring paste out of the bowl.
“Thank goodness,” said Maple. “I was worried it wouldn’t want to eat it.”
“Nah, Cyndaquil eats anything spicy,” said Lucero. “It’s a good thing you had those red pepper flakes on hand. Uh, why did you have those on hand exactly?”
“Oh, that,” said Maple. “Well, I happen to like putting the flakes in the smoothies I make. A kick of spice with a rush of sweet is a heaven sent magic, if I do say so myself.”
“Ha-ha,” laughed Lucero. “You’re cool. Do you want to have a battle when my little buddy heals up?”
“Certainly,” said Maple, before taking a Pokéball out of her backpack. “Plush and I would love to battle.”
After playfully throwing the ball into the air, the girl called out a Wurmple. The Pokémon was red with a cream colored underbelly. It has one medium sized yellow stinger on its forehead and two smaller ones on the tip of its tail. Running down the length of its cute body, the little creature had ten white, cone shaped caterpillar like feet. Curious about the creature Maple called Plush, Lucero took out his Pokédex.
“The worm Pokémon,” said the Pokédex. “This creature uses the stingers on its tail and forehead to defend itself from bird Pokémon. A bug type, this creature is incredibly weak to fire. No maleficent presence is detected in this Wurmple.”
“Maleficent presence?” spoke Maple, while Wurmple began to eat with Cyndaquil. “No way! Did you see one of those strange Pokémon in the flower field? Ever since those black clouds from Jubilife city began to spread over the cave on Route 204, weird Pokémon have started to appear.”
“Really? I guess you can figure out why Rockstar fainted earlier, since you know about those creatures,” said Lucero.
“Did you really fight one of those evil looking Pokémon?” asked Maple.
“Yes, it defeated my Cyndaquil in one hit despite being burned,” said Lucero. “I heard an ominous voice call the one I fought Nightmare Eevee.”
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