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Pokemon Path of Hope

by AshleePlays535

AshleePlays535 Chap 3 Confessive feelings
StormWind walking faster as usual catching up to the group can't stop thinking about Tornado again. StormWind whispers to himself:"if only I could tell another person except for PsychicStorm...". Tornado:"it's time to rest guys it's night time so fast!". PsychicStorm:"Holy shit your right!". StormWind:"Okay...". Tornado:"is something bothering you Stormy?". StormWind blushed and he attacked Tornado. Tornado:"I was just kidding!". StormWind:"good". During they were sleeping the same thing happened to StormWind can't stop thinking about Tornado. StormWind:"wait is this feeling I have is love?".
"It is exactly what your feeling" StormWind:"Who's there?!" The same dragon is floating infront of StormWind. He sees fire on its tail and backs up
"Woah woah I won't burn you!" StormWind:"dear god..." The dragon appears to be a Giant male Charizard. Charizard:"I'm Flare what's your name?" StormWind:"I'm StormWind nice to meet you...". Flare:"your scared of me because my pack burned your pack then your friends pack right?" StormWind:"yeah..." Flare:"it's ok I won't burn you". StormWind:"so". Flare:"you said you had a feeling of love is that correct?". StormWind:"yes...". Flare:"for who?". StormWind:"Um her over there *points at Tornado*". Flare:"I see..."
"Ugh where's Tornado and StormWind Torpedo?"
Torpedo:"I don't know Hurricane they probably thought we died".
Hurricane:"I hope they are safe..".
Torpedo:"yes right now we need to find them".
Hurricane:"your right lets go!".
Back to them...
Tornado:"oh shit dude I'm sorry!"
Flare:"it's ok..."
PsychicStorm:"well let's get going!".
StormWind:"*Flys past them*"
Flare StormWind and Psychicstorm:"HEY!!!!!!!*they all chase after StormWind
To be continued...
(I'm sorry if it was short I just don't have much time so I had to make it short!)