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Pokemon Origins: XY Wedlocke version episode 5! A bike on the ol' road.

by TrashAI

I was riding on my bike: Chespin in my bag, fletchinder overhead, Pikachu in pokeball. I rode into cyllage city, and Grant challenged me to a practice battle. I hoped my training would pay off with chespin, so I sent him out. I asked for a power up punch, and delivered it onto a weary tyrunt and finished up with a vine whip. He said the gym will be closed due to the special bike race, so I should go to Camphrier town, to the battle chateau. So away I went, on my bike. I battled for hours, fighting viscounts, barons, and eventually, I met one of the toughest barons ever. Ash ketchum. HE wouldn't leave me alone, so I accepted his challenge. He led with a (SPOILER) hawlucha. I led with Rocketchu, my ol' Pikachu buddy, and I found out it had a signature volt tackle, I also noticed an item attached to its paw. A uh, light ball is it? It volt tackled to interfere a high jump kick, which resulted in a forfeit from ash before he would say goodbye to his hawlucha forever. He healed his hawlucha and said he would get me back. I was afraid of his tough team..