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Pokemon Origins: X and Y Wedlocke episode 4! A buggy battle pt.2

by TrashAI

TrashAI Omar's gonna challenge the gym for his first gym badge! Let's see how this goes!
I walked into the santalune gym with eagerness, and I was going to lead the match with fletchling, who I found out has gale wings.(WHOOOOOOOOOOO) Viola sent out her surskit, one shot aerial ace. She sent out spewpa. One shot aerial ace. She sent out vivillon. My fletchling was bruisied and battered. It charged a solar beam, but then-- I saw blue from my fletchling IT WAS EVOLVING! I stood there in shock with the fire bird in a huge state of excitement. I demanded a flame charge and all of a sudden-- I got my first badge!

To be continued. Vote for the nicknames of Pikachu(most likely rocketchu tho)
fletchlinder(plz be katniss) and chespin