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Pokemon Oracles Chapter 1

by Rioluknowsbest

Rioluknowsbest I have decided to make a new story series after being away for such a long time. This Pokemon story is based off Mythology so I had to make loads of Pokemon based off the various Gods, myths and legends. I hope you all enjoy this.
There are many stories told throughout time. Whether they're about heroes, wars or myths and legends, each of these stories are never forgotten in time. But the most told stories take place in a planet that has become famous over the eons. In this world, Pokemon and Humans live together in harmony. While there may be some Pokemon and Humans that live in peace,others decide to interrupt that peace and throw the world into conflict. In a small suburban town, is where a new Oracle will occur.
A young 12 year old boy named Ryo, is about to embark on a possibly enduring but worthwhile adventure. With his hair rising up from the front and back, his pastel peach skin to his blue eyes. He wore a red jacket and some simply slacks while he had leather shoes. Despite his simple clothing, he had high spirits 24/7.
Ryo: Are you sure this is really my day mom? I finally get to go on my own adventure?
His mother who was slightly taller than him, had a brown curly hairstyle and dazzling green eyes. She was preparing herself for a party that was in near the neighbourhood.
Mom: Yes, this is your big chance. Mostly because you and your father won't stop bothering me about it. Just to get you started, here are 2 Pokemon for you to get started. Pikachu over here will assist you. And Riolu of course.
Ryo: Wait, wont dad notice his Riolu is missing?
Mom: ....Good luck on your adventure Ryo!
The mother closes the door on Ryo waving him goodbye out the window. Ryo waves back with a confused look on his face.
Ryo: Uh.. ciao.

Ryo bolted off passing through each house, waving to his neighbours a proud farewell. His Pikachu held on to his shoulder due to Ryo running at such high speeds. Ryo then stopped at the entrance of Route 1. He looked back and saw his town, and smiled hoping that he would someday return to his friends, neighbours and family.

I'm going to be very focused on this series, especially coming up with the Pokemon and other characters. I hope you guys enjoy reading this. The next one will be longer, sayanora.