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Pokemon news updates (just for fun)

by TrashAI

TrashAI want updates on tgc, and mystery gifts? Well residents of USA prepare to be shocked with a rock hard surprise from a 10 year old author! =D
Pokémon TCG has now arrived on the IPAD! Download it and collect, trade, and battle on the go! Don't forget to go to GameStop on October 13 to get a free card code to get a shiny gengar WITH the mega stone via an infrared code for Pokémon x and y! Ends on October 26, for USA residents only. (IM SO SORRY LINKACHU XD) Also on October 13 a Pokémon tcg Gengar sprit link 2-pack with 2 booster packs from the tcg XY Furious Fists expansion, as well as the Gengar spirit link trainer card that debuts in the next Pokémon tgc expansion: Phantom Forces.
Now it's the moment you've all been waiting for, that will make people in the USA say happy Halloween 100 times! A free card code to go on mystery gift via infrared code to Pokémon x and y A DIANCIE! ITS ABOUT TIME! This diancie came right around the corner to surprise us and transfer it to Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire to get Diancite, and mega evolve during battles. (Talk about rock hard, to iron sharp *bad rim shot*)
Also coming out for the Pokémon training card game: Phantom Forces!
This includes mega gengar EX, and mega manectric EX. More new cards include manectric ex, gengar Ex, malamar ex, Florges ex, and Dialga EX.
Also includes a special "Full Metal" Dialga EX!
And... Diancie's FIRST EVER POKEMON TCG DEBUT! With also 7 new trainer team flare card and 2 hyper team flare power tools. Cards include Xerosic, Lysandre, and more members of the regional villain team, but let me not spoil anything for you. But hey, GameFreak obviously wants to make this autumn something we'll never forget!
This will certainly be, and autumn to remember!
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