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Pokemon Myth and History Pokedex Entries and Pictures: Pokemon Myth and History: History Legendary Mummistrik

by SilvallyTamer

SilvallyTamer -Type: Ghost/Fighting

-Pokedex Entry: Number ???,The Mummified Pokemon
Mummistrik can throw punches at up to 1000 miles per hour.It can travel through dead bodies.
-Ht. = 20 ft.
-Wt. = 350 lbs.
-Signature Move: Cursed wrap (The user wraps the opponent in bandages, that takes away 5% of the opponent's H.P. Every turn. The user and Opponent cannot leave the battle)
-Can also use Shadow claw and High jump kick.
-Ability is Shadow Eyes (Lowers the Opponent's defense every turn)
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