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pokemon: pokemon mystery dungeon legendary on the loose part 4

by joseph the tyranitar

joseph the tyranitar
pikachu and torchick this is your partner natu.hello.natu .pikachu and torchick.pikachu and torchick natu.hi natu.we can go to adventures charizard.yes.so pikachu seen a perfect adventure. this here!!!!. so to save growlithe.yes!.so prepare yourself.ok.you are ready. YEAH!!!!!.so blatoise open the door!!.ok boss!!.so he entred on the cavern.torchick take the right ok.natu the left ok!!.and i to go with natu ok torchick.ok.so pikachu and natu.gone to left and his encountred growlithe!!!!!. natu you calm down the growlithe.ok!!!.i go see torchick. torchick!!!.oh hi pikachu!!!!. we can exit now.good.ok so pikachu and torchick gone see natu. natu you are right.yeah so he exit. here the things.thanks...continue