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pokemon: pokemon mystery dungeon legendary on the loose part 2

by joseph the tyranitar

joseph the tyranitar
so pikachu and torchick gone see the master charizard.so its here.yeah the master charizard its training here.well well well what he have here. torchick and a stranger.master charizard this is pikachu he is a human. a human!!!!.yeah.so pikachu you are a human.yeah. mister charizard.call me of master.ok.first you have pass of the test you pass you forme a explorer team.!!!! pikachu you listen this!!!!.yeah but what is a explorer team.a explorer team is a team was save pokemons.pikachu you want forme a explorer team.um yeah that maybe a be cool.so tomorrow is the day ok master charizard.yeah.so you can rest i go pick you things tomorrow.ok!...so pikachu and torchick its to forme a explorer team tomorrow
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  1. Rocket Boss Giovanni
    Oct 13, 2015
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  2. Rocket Boss Giovanni
    Rocket Boss Giovanni
    GOOD!!! I LIKE IT!!!!
    Oct 13, 2015
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