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||Pokemon mysteries|| prologue: the eevee trainer

by Rose Studio

Rose Studio When I came on pokecharms, I first created trainer cards. But then I thought "It's no fun just using things that the other created already", so I'm gonna start a series, and so here I am, writing my 4th story (the others are on "wattpad", my name is galaxyember....
anyways, enjoy!
Welcome to the world of Pokemon! This world is filled with magnificent creatures called "Pokemon". The humans and the Pokemons have been living together ever since the stone ages, we all help each other and live in peace. However, as the time pass by, more and more mischief are forming in this world. But, there's no need to panic! Out heroes are coming to save the day!

It was midnight. No, pass midnight...3:00 am to be exact. It was the dead of the night...no one is outside. "the ghosts haunts the towns around the place." said the legends. No one ever goes out of this area, into the seemly endless forest. Well, that's not the case tonight. There was...a girl outside tonight. She looked like she's around 12 or 13, wandering the towns slowly. Her lavender-pink clothes and light brown hair seemed to fit into the background, ignoring the fact that it was pitch black around. Her Pokemon? An eevee. A shiny eevee, sitting on her shoulders quietly.

She is no thief. At least, no one have heard of...she seemed to like night time, when the moon risen.

...she stopped. It seems as she have reached her destination. A old building. Oh, it was not just any building, but the abandoned Pokemon hospital which have been claimed haunted by the owner who disappeared after he got out, and was found dead a year later. Why would she go there? Was there something she was willing to find out?

...the door shut close behind her as soon as she entered. A corrupted laugh can be heard around the town that night...
end of prologue