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Rant: Pokémon moves with strange types

by Megaman reborn

Megaman reborn Moves with strange types
Mega punch and mega kick

So these moves sound like fighting types yes? No there not so are they um... Normal? Yes they are there normal type moves


So twister seems to be flying since similar moves like gust and hurricane are! But nope its a dragon type move! WHAT?

Rock climb

So you think its rock or ground? Wrong! Fighting? Nope! steel? No! Normal?!? Yep! WHY!!!


So spikes the move that looks like metallic spikes so its steel yeah? No its ground! ????? WHY!!!! Only one ground type can know spikes and that's diggersby!


So you think normal? Think again back to the original anime opening (haunter) yes its a ghost type move!!!! HOW!!!!!
  1. Hernan23Pro
    I was thinking Lick was dark type,because teddiursa can learn this move but isn't ghost type or dark type,these moves are nonsense :V
    Jul 10, 2016
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