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Pokemon: MindCrystal: Pokemon: MindCrystal, Chapter 0: Prologue

by XanthousXatu

XanthousXatu The Prologue of my first ever thing in the Creative Corner! Strap in your seatbelts and get your reading monocle on... Or however you read. This is sort of a decade anniversary to HeartGold and SoulSilver.
It was an exceptionally dark and silent night in Goldenrod City, not even a breeze. Inside what used to be the Department Store, Silver heard the tap of footsteps coming down a corridor. It seemed to be a room connected to a hallway. In the hallway, lights were on, and inside of the room, a desk with a chair were placed next to a massive bookshelf, stuffed with research notes. From the hallway, a woman wearing white office clothing and brown hair going down to her shoulders came out from the brightly lit corridor. "Silver", his Secretary, Mary, had a worried look on her face," It has begun, the grunts near Mahogany Town have spotted them..." He grinned, looking out of a window. Ten years ago, the Goldenrod Department Store got foreclosed, and the new menace bought it, Team Quantum. "Finally... after a decade long hunt...", he laughed," We found the three Pokemon..." He held a PokeBall in his right hand. Out came a Gengar, which seemed to have knew what the two were talking about, and laughed along with his trainer. As you see, Team Quantam was 1/3 done with their plan, which should not be revealed yet.
  1. XanthousXatu
    Wow... here it is! It was quite a relief to just get this thing out on Pokecharms. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Now I'm realizing this might be a failure but I'll keep on posting!
    Jul 3, 2019