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Pokemon Mega Power: Pokemon Mega Power- Part 1

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe So, I'm gonna give you guys a short summary of my first bit of gameplay. So basically you start out as a professor. And as all Pokemon games go, bla bla bla name bla bla bla gender. But the starters are much, muck different. Their are five starters. Panpour, Pansage,Pansear,Miccino, and Espurr. I didn't want any stupid monkeys or a chinchilla, So I went with a Espurr. So now you go to the first route, plantain path, this is where I caught a starly. Anyway you make it to the first town Then you need to find your boss and this guy who works at a casino. Bla bla bla go back to your cohort and stuff. Then when you get back to the lab. You need to find a guy an Mt. Burmite. I guess that's it for now.
PS. I am not affiliated at all with the creation of this game.
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