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Pokemon: Living Death: Pokemon: Living Death - Chapter 3

by GalacticDeg

GalacticDeg Rachel, a girl who has secretly boarded the cruise to Kalos, the same one as her Granddad is taking, is about to start her Pokemon journey. Even if it is 3 years overdue.

NOTE: Yes, Stufful aren't found in Kalos. I know that.
Chapter 3: The Starter

'You're ready.'.

It's a month later now, and Rachel and her Granddad have been living in Kalos for that month. The latter had been teaching Rachel the basics for her Pokemon Journey and even taking her on days out to different parts of the region.
'Everyone deserves to be on a Pokemon journey. Whether it's for gyms, for contests or even for something like breeding, they deserve it. That's why I didn't send you home. That one thought was the only thing keeping me on. That you wouldn't get that if you went home.'.
Rachel stood there, staring at the door, ready to head out. She turned around on her heel, and ran over and hugged her Granddad.
'Thanks so much.... I don't know what could really show my thanks....'. They let go. She gave a high-five to M-2, her Granddad's special Pokemon. She'd been teaching it high-fives and other tricks.

As soon as her foot touched the porch, 'Wait! Oh... sorry. It's hard to send you off and it feels like it's a time to give you some heirloom or something. Well, bye.'. He shut the door.

Later, she arrived at Professor Sycamore's lab, and knocked on the door. 'Come in!'. She walked in, and it was completely not what she expected. There were seats and a room with some complicated tech and a stretcher. And then an elevator straight ahead. It was just the size of a normal house, not absolutely grand like she expected.
'I'm over here!'.
She sprinted over to Professor Sycamore.
'You're excited, I can tell!'.
'Yeah.... who do I get?'.
'I'm thinking you can go find one in the area I have over here.'.

Not long later, she was at a massive dome, with trees, grass, and a LOT of Pokemon!
'Who do you want?'.
'Who do I want? I want them all!'.
'Seriously though?'.
'Hmm... uh.... AWW!'. Rachel had ran over to a pink-bear and whipped out her Pokedex. Now known as a Stufful, she looked at it, and he looked at her.
'You want him? There's many more to look at.'.
'Yeah. If I look at any other, it'll just get harder. Plus it's running to me!'.
That was true, as the Stufful was stumbling over. Professor Sycamore picked it up, and they went into the main building.

Rachel was holding a Poke-Ball, whilst the Stufful lay on the table. She threw it, and it hit the Pokemon, and it went inside. One shake. Two shakes. Three shakes. CAUGHT! She screamed, released it, and hugged it hard. It gave a hug back, and the two were inseparable. Literally. They wouldn't let go.

'Oh, you've caught your new Pokemon. Finally, we meet.'. The voice was a different voice, but sounded vaguely familiar. 'And you own a rare Pokemon, for Kalos.'.
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