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Pokemon lighting the book series: Pokemon lighting:An eggcellent surprise

by Gym leader khalil

Gym leader khalil Their on there way to see what my is talking about when they run into a egg four of them some they keep them and will give one to their mom
Hey we should hurry to get to xeverdus city to find mom.wait Khalil what is that over their in that corner it four Pokemon eggs let's take one and give the other to mom ok said Tyreek. "It took 3-4 hours to get to xeverdus city then as they got to the locations of were their mom is and that's when two things happened" hey Raven said mom can I see my egg ok said Raven and the egg started to crack mom's egg crack it was a Mudkip, Khalil's egg cracked it was Riolu,Tyreek egg cracked it was meowth,Raven cracked into a Eevee.But besides of their new Pokemon they figured out that their mom is a gym leader. Well we had a long day hey kids I have a room with beds and food and tv in here so we call all sleep in here until tommorrow when you Challenge me. Hope u enjoyed :)