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Pokemon: Kanto Exploration: Pokemon: Kanto Exploration Chpt 6

by The Rapidash Nation

The Rapidash Nation
Chapter 6 – Blown The Chansey

“Thank you so much Pidgey!” Phoenix said hugging the Pidgey as Erika walked away. “How would you like to join us and travel along as we walk through Kanto?”

Flattered, Pidgey agreed to the request and prepared itself for capture. “Pokéball, go!” said Phoenix as he tossed an empty Pokéball against Pidgey.

After leaving his mother, Phoenix left Celadon and Route 7, he entered Saffron City, and he was met with hundreds of golden skyscrapers and millions of busy people. The long and vast yellow road beneath him was spotless despite the large amount of people trampling it. A large building displaying the name ‘Silph Co.’ was in the middle and it was for sure the biggest building in Saffron, or possibly the whole of Kanto.

Overwhelmed by the hugeness of the city, Phoenix retreated to the Pokémon Centre, where he talked with Nurse Joy, a pink-haired young lady who treated the wounds of Pokémon, and rested there for night whilst the sun went down.

Evie hopped around their temporary shelter in the centre as Phoenix settled in bed. “Evie…” Phoenix said as the moonlight shined through the open window, “Thank you for today. We accomplished something great today, didn’t we? And we got that Pidgey too. I was thinking of a name… How about calling him Talon?”

Evie gave no answer, only a tired snore. “Well, I guess you should stay asleep. I should get some sleep too! Goodnight, Evie.”

The sun shined through the window as the red skies blended into a blue one, Phoenix and Evie both arose from their temporary home-away-from-home. Phoenix found Pidgey’s – or Talon as he was now called – Pokéball was lying on the bedside table next to the bed. Nurse Joy must of bought it in whilst I was sleeping, he thought. That’s actually kind of creepy. Heck.

As Phoenix opened the door (in his normal get-up), a pink blob walked past his room. Phoenix couldn’t help but snigger as he watched its little feet plod along the floor. But then he noticed something quite alarming; it was holding a tray of Pokéballs. “Hey!” Phoenix shouted as he went to tackle the blob. “Give those back!”

As the blob slowly rotated to face the boy, he was slide tackled to the ground with a vast amount of force, the balls scattering across the floor. Hearing the commotion, Nurse Joy ran to the source to find the angry Phoenix and the fat blob wrestling and Evie sitting by her feet as they both watched the feat. “Chansey, what are you doing?!” Nurse Joy yelled as she pulled the blob away from Phoenix.

“Nurse Joy!” Phoenix shouted as he watched the blob picking up the Pokéballs. “The blob was stealing the Pokéballs, I swear!”

“You are a silly person!” Nurse Joy yelled. “Chansey delivers the Pokéballs of the trainers to the trainers in their rooms. She wasn’t stealing them!”

Phoenix pulled out the Pokédex from his black backpack and pointed it at the pink blob. “Chansey, the Egg Pokemon. It is said to deliver happiness. Being compassionate, it shares its eggs with injured people. It is said to deliver happiness.”.

Sorrowfully, Phoenix apologised. “I didn’t realise…” he said with heartache. “Sorry again.”

“HEY!” A voice from down the hall shouted.

On further inspection, Phoenix saw a boy of around his age running towards the huddle of people. “HEEEY!” he repeated angrily. “Those are my Pokéballs! I need them if I’m going to be Pokémon Champion!”

“We’re sorry to keep you waiting, Matthew. Here are your Pokéballs.”

You.” Matthew looked at Phoenix with anger in his eyes. “You’re a trainer, right? Meet me outside in two minutes, or I’m giving you a £99,999.99 fine! I won’t charge you £1,000,000 though. That’s just rude.”