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Pokemon: Kanto Exploration: Pokemon: Kanto Exploration Chpt 3

by The Rapidash Nation

The Rapidash Nation
Chapter 3 – Evie and The Beast

Evie lay on the ground, beaten and tired. Phoenix sat there next to her, stroking her fuzzy warm fur. “We need to work together. Have an Oran Berry, and let’s have a chat.”

After he placed it on the floor in front of her, Eevee jumped and consumed it in maximal bites. “So,” Phoenix began, “We need to talk. We need to settle our differences and become friends. We need teamwork.”

“Eevee…” Evie said, looking into Phoenix eyes with understanding and sympathy. Phoenix looked into hers the same way.

“For starters, we need to work together, get totally in sync! We’ll play a game. You hide around Route 7 and I’ll find you. I’m counting!”

Pleased, Evie bounded off into the trees whilst Phoenix counted to 20. As she ran through the abundance of leaves, a large, foreboding figure moved in the shadows. Evie skipped merrily through the undergrowth.

“Ready or not, here I come!” Phoenix shouted, looking around wildly.

“EEEEEVEEEE!” Evie screech from deep within the forest.

Phoenix, hearing the cry of the fox, ran towards the source fleetingly. When he got near, he looked around for movement.


Phoenix ran east of where he stood to find a large brown beast crowding his little fox. It had a line of spiny pins going down its back, two short, stubby, sharp spikes either side of its forehead, lump of thick skin making natural arm and leg guards and a large beige pouch. “KANGAAASKHAN!” she yelled as her fist charged up and pounded the floor where Evie was, the little fox dodging it skillfully.

“Kangaskhan…” Phoenix whispered, pulling up the Pokédex.

“Kangaskhan, the Parent Pokémon. It raises its offspring in its belly pouch to play. It lets its baby come out to play only when he feels it’s safe.”

“Baby?” Phoenix looked at the empty pouch on Kangaskhan’s belly.

“KANGASKHAN!” the childless mother charged up to punch Evie.

“No!” Phoenix shouted, jumping in front of Evie to shield her from the blow.

KABLAM! Phoenix was winded forcefully by the angry mother, sending him flying into the tree and badly wounding him. “Evie, get help…” Phoenix said in a weak voice. “Kangaskhan… Evie didn’t… Didn’t…”