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Pokemon: Kanto Exploration: Pokemon: Kanto Exploration Chp 8

by The Rapidash Nation

The Rapidash Nation
Chapter 8 – S.S Gabby

After healing Evie, Phoenix headed towards Vermillion City via Route 6. Route 6 was a short intersection between Saffron and Vermilion. It was a little barren area, and no vegetation and next to no life. What happened here...? Phoenix wondered, looking around frantically.

Evie stayed close to Phoenix, her ears turning like satellites. As they stepped through the grassless dirt, it reminded Phoenix of his previous history.

When he was younger, Phoenix went to Trainer School with confidence and ecstasy. But there were three bullies that hurt him whenever he crossed their path. He used to call him ‘Fire Chicken' as a Phoenix was generally a fire bird. He was teased and mocked, and he finally when he finally had a chance to face them in battle with the rental Pokémon, he blew it and was defeated time after time after time.

So, he went on the adventure to prove those bullies wrong, and prove that he was a good trainer and that he did have potential. So, as he made his way to the gate of Vermillion, he thought about Evie and Talon and the incredible adventure he was having so far.

Vermillion City was bustling with business and life. It was a seaside town that doubled as a busy dockyard. It was considerably small for such a busy place, yet it made Phoenix feel at home. Evie seemed to enjoy the bustle as she climbed onto Phoenix‘s shoulder, securing her to him. Whilst walking around exploring their new surroundings, a certain shop caught Evie’s blue eye. It was a headwear shop with the name ‘Sailor’s Wear.’ With little persuasion, the two headed straight for it.

Inside were a large collection of men’s sailor’s outfits. Evie desperately ran about the shop, looking for something she spied in the shop’s window. “Ah, young man!” a jolly shopkeeper jumped out from under the counter and exclaimed. “You must be looking for a sailor’s outfit. We have many different colours of outfits! We have white-blue outfits and… Blue-white outfits. Try one on!!”

Before he had time to speak, Phoenix found himself wearing a white sailor’s costume with a blue scarf and a large white hat. “I’m flattered but I’m here for my Pokémon.” Phoenix said as he watched Evie jump around the shop.


“Yeah… So if I could get whatever she wants, I’ll be fine.”


Evie bought Phoenix a small pink bow with excitement. “I’ll buy this please.” He said, putting it on the counter.

After they left the shop, Evie jumped onto Phoenix’s shoulder and nudged his bag frantically, where he had stored the bow. “Okay, okay,” Phoenix said. “Where would you like it?”

Evie twitched her right ear and, with a little tweaking, it was fastened to it, two loose ribbons flowing around her body. It was perfect, and it suited her. It was going to be permanent.

“Hello, Phoenix!” A feminine voice said as an ominous person loomed over him and Evie. “Could you stop playing dress-up for one minute and listen?”

“Gabby!” Phoenix exclaimed, looking up at the girl and her long blue hair. “Good to see you! I heard there was a Gym around here. I guess you’ve beaten it!”

“Actually, no, I haven’t even challenged it once.” Gabby said, looking distressed.

“What?” Phoenix yelled, shocked. It wasn’t like Gabby to not try! “How come? Did something happen?”

“It isn’t open. The doors are locked, and I can’t get in.” Gabby replied. “However, I may know a person who could get us in and a battle.”

She gestured towards a huge white ship that was docking in the city. On it was large black letters reading ‘S.S Anne.’

Gabby, Phoenix and Evie ran straight over to it, barging their way through the busy crowds. “Dad!” Gabby exclaimed, hugging her a man with brown hair and a short beard.

“Hello, Gabby! Here to visit Captain Surge?” the man grumbled of a gruff voice, though glad to see his daughter finally with her own Pokémon.

“Yes sir!” Gabby said, saluting the man. “Could my friends come aboard too? This is Phoenix and his Eevee, Evie.”

“I don’t see why not,” the old man grumbled in a low and muffled voice.

As they stepped onto the ship, Phoenix soon realised it wasn’t a cargo ship; it was a luxury cruiser!

The endless corridors of red carpet and white stainless walls were all over the ship, dotted and squiggled about thought the ship like a labyrinth. Maps littered any spare space on tables and there were people frequently picking them up and putting them down, boarding and disembarking the ship. Fancy lanterns and staff in suites and dresses patrolled the deck, looking for a purpose to serve a customer on the ship.

“Excuse me sir,” Gabby strolled up to a member of staff. “How do we get to the captains room?”

“To you left there is a staircase. Go up the staircase, turn right and keep walking.”

“Thank you!” Gabby yelled back, taking Phoenix by the hand and running up the stairs and turning left.

“That man said to go right though,” Phoenix said, warning Gabby.

“Where’s your sense of adventure?” Gabby told him, dragging him further and further away from their destination.

Soon, they reached two double doors. As Gabby and Evie (Evie was clambering on top of Phoenix’s head) looked through the circular glass window, they could see a deck full of sailors with mops and 2 water buckets.

When they moved on, they were swiftly greeted by yet another set of double doors. On further inspection, Evie (who was now on Gabby’s head) could see steam erupting from pans like volcanoes, chefs viciously sliced carrots precisely but with extreme speed. “Oi, you two!” A low-pitched voice yelled at the three. “Get out of here! Go on, shoo!”

The three didn’t stay long to find out who was yelling at them, they just wanted to get to the captain and go. As they scooted through the hallways, Phoenix felt a sense of excitement tingle all over his body. As they passed the stairs, Phoenix remembered what the waiter had. “Go up the staircase, turn left and keep walking.” He had said.

And, magically, they got to the two double doors displaying the name ‘Captain Surge.’

And, fearlessly,