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Pokemon: Kanto Exploration: Pokemon: Kanto Exploration Chp 7

by The Rapidash Nation

The Rapidash Nation
Chapter 7 – Double Trouble

As both trainers stepped onto the Saffron Communal arena, Phoenix felt a rush go down his spine. Matthew spoke first: “It will be a 1v1 battle. Pick your Pokémon!”

“We share a common goal, you know.” Phoenix said, deciding between Talon and Evie. “But I will be the superior! Evie, I chose you!”

Evie bounded onto the field, her nose twitching. “Eevee, come on out!” Matthew said, one of his red and white Pokéballs flying through the air.

They both looked on in shock, as they found they both were going to use Eevees!

Both foxes looked at each other in shock too, as both had never come face to face with another one of their kind. However, Matthew’s Eevee had something Evie didn’t: a stylish cap! Evie looked on in shock. She needed a fashionable hat. Now.

“This battle suddenly got a ten million hype bonus!” Matthew said suddenly, breaking the temporary silence between them. “I’ll take the first move. Eevee, Iron Tail!”

Matthew’s Eevee’s tail started to fade into a chrome colour and then sharpened. Unaware of the weapon Eevee had, Evie was on the floor in seconds because she had no time to react.

Boom! Smoke filled the battle field with just one mighty blow.

Despite being hit by the powerful blow, Evie still stood proud and was ready to take her own move.

“Evie, Sand Attack!”

A sandstorm of rock was sent Eevee’s way, completely blinding him.

“Nice save, genius.” Matthew said through the dirt and rock. “Eevee, use Double Edge!”

The blinded Eevee jumped up and listened for Evie’s movement. Then, powerfully, Evie was slammed to the ground. “Evie!”

Evie lay on the floor, fainted. “YES!” Matthew said, celebrating with his Eevee.

“I keep losing…” Phoenix said. “Maybe I shouldn’t be a trainer. I’ll quit while I’m close to home. It’s fine.”

“HEY!” Matthew yelled. “Don’t quit! You’re a good trainer. Besides, how many badges do you have?”


“Yeah? Well I have 5. It’s an obvious advantage. You didn’t have a chance! It’s my fault for battling you. Anyways. I’ve got to battle the Saffron Gym. It’s supposed to be one of the hardest in Kanto. I wouldn’t battle it until later on.”

Matthew took out a map of Kanto. “How about going to Vermillion City? That’s a town with a gym, and its literally south of here. Anyways, must be off. Places to go, leaders to battle. Goodbye!”

Phoenix stood there, bewildered. How can one boy say so much… he thought.

However, he was sure of one thing: he knew there were better trainers out there. He would just have to be the best.