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Pokemon: Kanto Exploration: Pokemon: Kanto Exploration Chp 5

by The Rapidash Nation

The Rapidash Nation
Chapter 5 – The Celadon Gym

As Phoenix and Evie entered the gym, the atmosphere changed dramatically. It became lighter, and had the distinct smell of blossoming flowers. The inside was completely filled with florescent multicoloured flowers; red, green, green, pink, blue, yellow and orange flowers bloomed throughout the gym, a large upturned dirt arena was in the middle, and a figure stood on the other side. She hair was black and short, yet free flowing and silky. Her silhouette disappeared to show a young girl in a yellow kimono. She wore small black shoes and a red hairband resided in her hair. “Welcome to the Celadon Gym!” a feminine voice called. “I am Erika, your opponent today!

Phoenix stood on a podium, butterflies raging in his stomach, kicking and punching wildly, trying to be set free. He couldn’t even manage a smile, but his legs felt like they were going to collapse in on each other. “I’ll pick my Pokémon first, giving you sometime into picking your party.” Erika said, throwing her Pokéball onto the field. Out popped a bundle of green vines that slowly woke up to reveal two eyes and a pair of bulky red shoes. “What is that?” Phoenix pulled up his Pokédex and shined it towards the tangled mess.

“Tangela, the ‘Vine Pokémon.’ It tangles any moving thing in its vines. Their subtle shaking is ticklish if you get ensnared.”

“You ready, Evie?” Phoenix asked as she bounded onto the field, to be answered by a short and confident call. “In that case, we'll open up with Quick Attack!”

Evie bounded towards Tangla at high speeds. As it hit the vine tangle, Tangela shot out its vines and started to constrict Evie! “Good, Tangela!” Erika said. “Now use Poison Powder!”

A purple powder shoot out of the vines, poisoning Evie. “Poison?” Phoenix gasped, looking the condition up on his Pokédex.

“Poison is a status condition that decreases the defending Pokémon’s health.”

Phienjx gasped at the information read out by the index. “Evie, Take Down!” he shouted at the fox as its legs flailed in the air.

Evie started to heat up, it burned the vines of the Tangela. In pain, the Pokémon withdrew them, giving Evie the perfect time to ram the Tangela with the first Take Down. “Incredible.” Erika said. “That’s… incredible! No tactic has been seen like that before! The Charge-Up Fire Take Down. Inspirational! Tangela, come on back.”

Erika took out Tangela's Pokéball and returned it with a beam of red light before throwing another Pokéball out in its place. Out came a large yellow Venus Fly Trap. It had big pink lips that oozed with saliva and a small stalk on its head. “Who’s that Pokémon?” Phoenix thought to himself.

“Weepinbell the Flycatcher Pokémon. It spits out Poison Powder to immobilise the enemy and then finishes it with a spray of acid.”

“Now you know my tactic!” Erika said, who was studying the poisoned Eevee carefully. “Well, might as well finish you off now. Weepinbell, Acid!”

A blast of acid hit Evie in the face, sending her flying into the wall.Evie!” Phoenix looked on in shock, running off the podium to assist his friend. “Evie!” Phoenix said. “Im so sorry. You weren’t ready. No. We weren’t ready. I shouldn’t he pushed you so hard. I’m so sorry.”

Just then, a feather fluttered through the window. It was brown and white and looked like it came from a flying chicken. “Pidgey!” Phoenix said with a smile on his face as he carried Evie to the podium. “The battle is still on, Erika!” Phoeinx added, that competitive grin returning to his face. “Pidgey, Gust!”

In an instant, the bird Pokémon unleashed a raging wind towards the plant Pokémon, whisking it off the and into the floor. Weepinbell, being a Grass Type, did not take this well, as it had gained by the time it reached the floor. “Weepinbell! No!” Erika gasped. “Congratulations, challenger! You have won the Celadon City Rainbow Badge!”