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Pokemon: Kanto Exploration: Pokemon: Kanto Exploration Chp 1-2

by The Rapidash Nation

The Rapidash Nation
Chapter 1 – The Birth of a New Adventure

Carelessly, Eevee scurried around Phoenix’s bedroom, nuzzling everything to spread it scent and getting used to its surroundings. Though the moon was bright outside, the boy could not sleep, as he felt it was important he kept his eye on the Pokémon. But slowly, as his head hit the pillow, he fell into a deep slumber.

Crash! Phoenix awoke to the sound of fallen boxes. The fox had wrecked his room, the boxes and books on his desk were scattered all over the floor, his games littering every nook and cranny and the posters hanging off the walls. The cause lay fast asleep on the bed, ignoring the mess and noise that it had created. “Eevee!” Phoenix yelled at the little fox, awakening it in an instant. “What have you done?!”

Phoenix Caballero Maple was usually a shy and sympathetic young boy of 11, with medium length hair and bright blue eyes. Freckles were all over his nose and his knowledge of Pokémon did not seem to end. He knew many Pokémon species, types, strengths and weaknesses. Phoenix had always wanted to go on an adventure, but his mother, Yellow Maple, refused. Phoenix would always say to her “Mum! You were young when you got your first Pokémon!” or “Mum! You’re a great trainer! I want to get as good as you one day! Why not start now?”

However the answer was always “No, Phoenix. You’re not responsible enough.”

The little fox yawned lazily as he shook his drowsy head. It opened their eyes to meet Phoenix’s whose were staring it down angrily. It then jumped back in alarm, getting away from Phoenix. *Knock knock* the door was pounded as his mother stood waiting outside. “I have something for you, Phoenix.” She said, offering Phoenix a small letter with something hard inside.

Ripping it open, Phoenix was met with a long sheet of classification and a Trainer Card. Jumping out his bed, Phoenix’s mother was met with a long and big hug.

Phoenix could start his adventure, even if it was with this stubborn animal. He would catch many Pokémon, travel with the strongest, and become Pokémon Champion. “How about giving Eevee a nickname? Something catchy and easy to remember to, y’know, strengthen your bond.”

Phoenix looked back at the playful fox on his bed in disgust. “Me and that Pokémon being friends? The answer to that is… No.”

“It’s a female, so how about… Melissa?”



“No. How about Evie? If I call her that will you please leave me alone?”

“Your choice. See you in a minute for breakfast.”

Phoenix looked at the Pocket Monster. “Evie? Guess it’s a pretty nice name. Nice to meet you.”

Evie looked up at Phoenix, and for the first time under Phoenix’s protection, she smiled.

Evie ran downstairs, followed by Phoenix. The fox then scurried through the hallway, into the lounge and out the doorway. Evie, pursued by the puffing Phoenix, ran through the streets and into the route next to Celadon City – Route 7.

Route 7 was a large, abundant and leafy passage between Cleadon and Saffron City. The pathways veered left and right, up a hill and down it, yet he still couldn’t grab her. Evie suddenly came to a stop, sat down and went to sleep. Finally, Phoenix thought to himself, I have you now!

“Eeveeeee…” Evie purred as she lay there asleep. “Eeveeeee…”

Phoenix looked at the little fox as she slept into the morning. He lay down beside her and watched the clouds go by on the sunny morning. He could make out hundreds of different Pokémon with them. A Koffing, an Arbok, a Pikachu and many more resided in the cloudy kingdom above.

After an ten minutes of lying there, Evie got up to make a quick dash, but as she lifted her furry legs to run, Phoenix outstretched his arms and caught her. “Eevee…” she said, wriggling to break free from Phoenix’s grasp.

“Not today!” Phoenix said, watching Eevee’s legs thrash about.

Phoenix looked down. He was still in his pajamas! Thankful, he told himself it was lucky that no one had passed by. “Hey, Phoenix!” a female voice shouted in the distance. “Long time, no see!”

It was Gabby, a lifelong friend of the boy. She was around the same age as him, if not older, and she too had just started her journey on becoming Pokémon Champion. She had long, sky blue hair and small facial features. Her eyes were brown and her clothes purple and black, which gave her a snazzy look. “Ooh. Your’re on your..”

“Don’t say it.” Phoenix told her, embarrassed. “I have news, though.”

“What?” Gabby asked, intrigued.

Phoenix held up Evie. “You have a Pokémon now?” she gasped. “Awesome! We should have a battle. After all, when two trainer eyes meet, they should definitely battle. But please get dressed first.”

Chapter 2 – First Battle

“Come on out, Growlithe!” Gabby said, throwing out a round red-capped and white bottomed sphere – a Pokéball.

As it hit the floor it bounced, and opened to send out a bright red beam of light. Out popped a small red-coated dog with black stripes on his back and lustrous white tufts of fur on his forehead, neck and tail. It was Growlithe, a fairly rare Pokémon around Kanto. Because of this, they were sought after and gave a high price to Illegal Pokémon Salesmen (Or IPSs as the locals called them).

However, with his new Pokémon, Pheonix felt much more confident going against a foe, and not using rental Pokémon from the Cleadon School for Budding Battlers. “Here, catch!” Gabby said, tossing a small red cuboidal mechanism towards Phoenix. “It’s a Pokédex! You can view Eevee’s stats, moves, health and special conditions. That should help you! You make the first move.”

Phoenix glanced the device quickly, and then scanned Evie with it. It then stated: “Eevee, the ‘Evolution Pokémon’. Eevee has a versatile genetic structure, which allows it to adapt to suite almost any environment.”

“Okay…” Phoenix said, “Evie, use Tackle!”

A blazing white trail appeared as Evie ran towards Growlithe at breakneck speed. Growlithe was then slammed into a tree, damaging it severely. “Hey! That wasn’t Tackle! That was Quick Attack… Use the moves I tell you or we won’t win!”

Gabby pulled a straight face. “Maybe your Pokémon was right to use that move…” she said, studying their co-operation. “Use your moves wisely, as the excessive usage of a single attack will stop it from working! In the meantime… Flame Wheel, Growlithe!”

Gabby's Growlithe rolled into a wheel and rammed Evie with great force, singeing her fur. Using the advice he was given and the Pokédex, Phoenix told Evie to use Sand Attack. Following the orders, Evie jumped to face backwards and started digging the dirt and earth below her, blinding Growlithe. Gasping, Gabby told Growlithe to use Reversal, a strong Fighting-Type move that could damage Evie severely, as it was Super Effective on Evie’s meek Normal-Type. However, because off Evie’s blinding Sand-Attack, Growlithe only slashed and scratched at the air, dealing no damage to Evie what so ever. “I must say, that’s an impressive tactic.” Gabby murmured.

“Thanks!” Phoenix said. “But you’ve seen nothing yet! Evie, Quick Attack!”

Evie charged towards Growlithe again at incredible pace, slamming it into the ground. But slowly, Growlithe stood up, clinging onto the last bit of health. “Growlithe, finish her! Reversal let’s go!”

And with a might crash, Evie was sent flying to the ground, Growlithe using every bit of energy he had left. Smoke bellowed out from the floor, Evie left unconscious. Phoenix gasped as he fell to his knees. “But… How? How could I have lost? I could have beaten you with the rental Pokémon… How could this have happened to me…”

“Treat your Pokémon with love and care, and you’ll be sure to win! Battle for battling’s sake is not right, especially when your Pokémon is on low health. Treat them with respect, and you’ll receive it! When you’ve learned that, then I suggest taking on the Celadon Gym. You can challenge their leader and get yourself a Rainbow Badge. That’ll be your first step in taking the Pokémon League Challenge. Until we meet again, Phoenix.”

And with that, she left.