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Pokemon Kalos New Dawn: Pokemon Kalos Adventure:The New Dawn Prologue

by FlareFox

FlareFox This my very first chapter Pokemon Kalos Adventure:The New Dawn
Three years ago,the villainous team named Team Flare become obssesed to create a beautiful and better world.They steal whatever resources and materal needed for their plans without remorse.

However,five heroic trainer who known as Five Defender put at end to the villainous team's mad ambitions.Team Flare was defeated by Five Defender.The heroic trainer named Calem

But three years after the accident,The mysterious seventeen years old boy,Lindsay,want to free his father,Lysandre from prison to revive Team Flare and killing the former Kalos King,AZ,the story of darkness is rise again.

The former Kalos Champion,Diantha could no longer lead as Kalos champion due she has been defeated by Calem.But the heroic trainer,Calem to be current Kalos champion.

The kind-hearted Trainer named Callick,the leader of Blazing Gang and former Team Flare member,his hope to defeated Team Flare member in order to chasing the dream to went to the Hoenn region,with his closest friend,Hazel,the child actress.He stated that Calem as his hero and influences on his journey

The chivalrous lady,Irene, the most daring member and Wikstrom's daughter .She's descendant of Knight of Kalos who live during Medieval Kalos.Callick was crush with her due her chivalry personality so he want invite her to join Blazing Gang.

agile boy,Cornell,the roller skater champion and youngest member.He's Korrina's brother.His red roller skate was gift from his sister in his 10th birthday and his sister taught him how to perform roller skate trick.He have been invite by Callick into Blazing Gang member due his agility and roller skate skill

and finally Wilde,the oldest member and mysterious boy of the group ,lived as a loner.He had fought by his foster father, Profesor Sycamore under his disguise as "Zoroark Man" in Ruined Team Flare HQ.He have a hawlucha named Ciel who always following him during his journey.

Now,Callick and his companion start his pokemon journey to stopping Lindsay's plans.Can he defeated Lindsay by himself?Is Kalos become peaceful region?.The journey waits for the answers......
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    kool! I REALLY want to read the answers!:up:
    Nov 30, 2014