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Pokemon Journey Randomized: And Extreme Adventure: Pokemon Journey Randomized: An Extreme Adventure - Episode Two

by avae

avae Second part of my randomized adventure. I wanted to state that the points in time in when I catch a Pokemon in my story will not change. But the Pokémon I will catch will be randomized (accept for the ones chosen by the original story randomizer). How will this be done? Simple I put the numbers 1-801 in a randomizer website to encounter, and that Pokémon will be caught in my story. If I land on a legendary, I will reroll. Just a fun addition :) Anyways, Enjoy.
Zale stepped out of the laboratory and starred up into the bright Sinnoh sun. He was in Sandgem Town currently, and wasn't quite sure where to go next. He figured the best way to start to become a Pokémon Scientist was to learn about Pokémon all that he could. To do that, he figured beating all the gyms and entering the Sinnoh League would be a good start. He started walking around town looking for a map of Sinnoh whenever he heard someone yell, "COMING THROUGH!!" Zale couldn't react in time and was trampled by a boy with Blonde hair and an orange and white striped jacket. "HEY! WATCH IT! I'M IN A HURRY YOU KNOW!" yelled the boy. "I'm... I'm sorry..." Zale said not really sure what just happened. "I'll let the fine pass this time, but next time.. Next time you won't get off so easy! The name's Barry by the way." Barry replied. And with that he ran off to wherever he was heading before.

Zale still wasn't sure what in the world just happened, but he recognized the name Barry. Professor Rowan! He remembered. That's where he had heard the name. I'll probably run into that guy again... Zale continued along the route looking for anything that could aid him along the way. "MUNCHLAX MUNCH!" screamed something off in the distance. Zale turned in a circle to find the direction in which the noise came from. "There!" He said to Chikorita. A Munchlax was being terrorized by a Yanmega. "Chikorita, use Razor Leaf on the Yanmega!" Zale ordered. Chikorita obeyed and the Yanmega was scared off.

Munchlax ran over to Zale and thanked him with a hug. Out of nowhere, Munchlax took a Pokeball from Zale's belt and tapped the white button on the front of it. Munchlax was caught! "um... okay?" Zale replied really confused once again. "Today's been a weird day..." he continued. Chikorita climbed onto Zale's shoulder and they continued on their way to Oreburgh Coty in hopes to win their first gym battle, and obtain his first Sinnoh region Gym Badge. As they kept trudging on, Zale saw a sign that read "Oreburgh City - 5 Miles". "We're almost there!" Zale said cheerfully to his Pokémon.

Day soon turned to night as Zale, Chikorita, and Snorlax arrived at Oreburgh City. It was 9pm and the gym closed at 5pm. Thankfully it opened up early at 8am. Zale was super excited at the thought of having his first Gym Battle that he didn't get much sleep. Sleep never really bothered him however, and he woke up at 7am sharp just as the day before. He ate breakfast as usual, brushed his teeth and hair, and set off to the big blue building called the Oreburgh City Gym. As he walked up to the gym a familiar voice rang through his ears as someone trampled him yet once again. I bet you can guess who it was.