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Pokemon Journey Randomized: And Extreme Adventure: Pokemon Journey Randomized: An Extreme Adventure - Episode Three

by avae

avae The third episode I'm my randomized adventure. Just a reminder, all my characters traits and goals are randomized by a website I found. Not only that, but the Pokémon the main Character Zale will catch are also randomized. This is for pure enjoyment for you and me. Enjoy :)
Zale was once again trampled over by Barry while he was attempting to open the door. "Hey watch where you're going! I'm going to have to fine you for this!" roared Barry. "What? You're the one who ran into me!" snapped Zale. "Whatever! I was here first! So I get to challenge the Gym First!" Barry snapped back and ran into the Gym. Zale sighed and walked in after him. Barry was already sitting in the stands as he walked in. He wondered why he wasn't already in the battlefield fighting. He got his answer as he walked forward and saw a boy with orange hair fighting the Gym Leader already. He was using a Blastoise. There was a girl with long brown hair sitting on the opposite side of the stand watching him.

The battle was soon over and the buy with the Blastoise was rewarded his Gym Badge. Zale watched as the girl ran up to the Blastoise guy and congratulated him. The Gym Leader noticed the two trainer, Barry and Zale, sitting by the side. He presumed they were waiting for their turn to face him. "Welcome trainers," called out the Gym Leader. "My name is Roark, Leader of the Oreburgh City Gym. Are you here to challenge me for my Gym Badge?" He asked. "Sure am!" yelled back Barry. "And I was here before him!" Barry pointed to Zale. "Alright then," Roark chuckled. "This is Blue." Roark pointed to the guy with the Blastoise. "And his sister Lyra. Blue just won his Gym Battle." Blue and Lyra walked over to Barry and Zale. "Congrats!" Zale said to Blue. He smiled and thanked him.

"So you guys are also challenging the Gym too?" Blue asked. Zale nodded. "Well I wish you guys luck, we'll be on our way now." And with that Blue and Lyra were gone. But not for long. "So, Barry is it right? Are you ready for your Gym Battle?" Roark asked him. "Sure am! And I'm going to be claiming your Gym Badge!" Barry replied. Roark smiled at his courage and walked to his side of the battle field. That battle was already underway as soon as Zale sat down. Barry was using a Piplup and bombarded Roark's Pokémon with Bubble Beam and Water Guns. It didn't take long for Barry to win his first Gym Badge at the Oreburgh City Gym. Zale was pretty impressed, and it was finally his turn to battle Roark.

Zale stepped up to the battlefield and sent out Chikorita. Since Roark's Pokémon were Rock-Types he had the advantage with Chikorita being a Grass-Type. Roark's first Pokémon was a Geodude. "Chikorita, use Razor Leaf!" Zale commanded. Geodude was knocked back from Chikorita's attack. It was still far from over though. Geodude used roll out and knocked Chikorita into the air. "Chikorita! Use Razor Leaf midair!" Shouted Zale. Chikorita managed to hit Geodude and it feinted! Roark was disappointed in himself, but he sent out Rampardos as his next Pokémon. Chikorita sadly feinted to Rampardos' Headbutt Attack.

"Alright, Munchlax. It's up to you!" Zale said as he released Munchlax. "Use Body Slam!" Zale shouted. Rampardos was slammed by the last attack and was weakened. Munchlax then followed up with Lick causing Rampardos to feint. Zale couldn't believe he had actually beaten Roark. "Well done son," Roark. "Here's your Gym Badge as a reward. Only 7 more to qualify for the Sinnoh League!" Zale smiled at Roark "Thank you so much!" Zale said full of accomplishment. He took the Badge in his hand and held it up in the sunlight. I shone over the Gym like the Sun shines over Sinnoh. Zale thanked Roark once again and headed toward the exit. As soon as he walked out he noticed Blue, Barry, and Lyra standing outside the nearest restaurant. He walked over to them.

"Well look who it is," Blue smirked. "Did you get your Badge?" Zale held up his badge for proof, but looked confused. "How come all of you are here?" Zale asked. "Well.." Blue started. "We all felt it best we should travel together. You should always have people to travel with. It's much more enjoyable." "Yeah, and you still owe me for the incident earlier!" Barry followed up. "That reminds me! I need to get going! To get ahead of you, Zale!" and with that, Barry was off once again. To do whatever he was doing. "Uh, well. We can still travel together? Right?" Lyra asked. "Sure." Zale smiled. Our heroes set off to Eterna City in hopes to win their second Gym Battle in the Sinnoh region.