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Naruto Gym Adventures Au.: Pokemon Jounin Gym Leaders in Konoha

by Daisyuzumakichan

Daisyuzumakichan The start for 6 of konohas Gym leaders. (Kurenai , Asuma , Guy , Kakashi , Daisy and Edwin)
Normally to become a Pokemon trainer In Konoha you have to take a test in the Pokemon Academy .
This test Normally consist of winning 1 full Pokemon battle (4 Pokemon on the opposing team) with three different trainers. The examines have random Pokemon chosen by the Champion / Hokage .

(The first story is about an electric type trainer. )
~Story Start~

The Champion was impressed. This five year old boy had just beaten he Graduation Test First time he took it . "Congratulations Kakashi here's your price for beating the test"
Kakashi took the price .

"it's the standard leaf headband" Kakashi sighed he was so desolate ever since his fathers passing . He never properly knew his mother before she fell ill. Kakashi put the head band around his head.

"Kakashi the time has come to chose your starter" the old Champion smiled has he began to tell the young five year old how to catch his first Pokemon once he had chosen his starter.

They walked into a lap were there were four Poke-balls sitting in an incubator three looked normal but on had a lightning bolt on it. Kakashi chose the one with the lightning bolt on it . He then released the Pokemon immediately.

A small yellow mouse with red pads on its cheeks appeared."Pika-"
Kakashi returned it to its's Poke-ball . "Professor.." Kakashi was cut off by the old man chuckling.
"Sorry Kakashi no-buddy's called me that in a long time"

Kakashi released pikachu so he could show of to the other academy students.
"Before you go Kakashi here is a Poke-Dex" Kakashi took it out the Champions hands and bowed as a sign of respect .

Kakashi walked out of the academy with a semi smug smile on his face , however it was hidden by a face mask he always wore .

~A couple of months later~
Due to his attitude toward everybody else he worked with Kakashi was forced into a standard team. This was to also ensure his safety and the safety of everybody around him.
The first day he had met his new team he had to pass a bell test. His team work with his Pokemon was being tested.

Though he passed . His Sensei, Minato knew he wasn't properly working with Pikachu unlike Obito and Rin who even though they weren't perfect they still trusted their Pokemon .

~A couple of years pass ~
The next mission was one of the most important one they had ever been on.
Obito stumbled through the trees eventually falling right in front of Kakashi.

"Your late Obito" Kakashi angrily said Rin and Minato tried calm the boys down but Kakashi just told them that Obito doesn't need them to be so soft on him .
When everybody had finished talking . The group got up and moved so they could discuss the plan.
On the way Mintato told everyone about Kakashi's Successes .

" As of Yesterday Kakashi obtained all eight Gym badges making him an elite Jounin just like me"
Minato exclaimed .
Obito let out a confused gasp.
"Remember Obito we discussed getting Kakashi a gift?" Rin told obito.
Obito remembered but at the time he was to into Rin to properly hear anything about Kakashi.
"Sorry i must've forgot." Obito grunted .
The group stopped. Rin then took out a little box .
"i made a personalized med kit for you" Rin said passing it with a smile .
"thank you" replied Kakashi whist he put it in his bag .
"here's a customized Kunai for you it may be heavy and unconventional but im sure it'll come in handy"
Kakashi took it and turned to Obito holding his hand out.
"why are you holding you out? i don't have a gift for you you" Obito snapped.
Now being a little angry Kakashi snapped back
"nothing at all is better then a useless burden."
Confidently Obito told Kakashi his plans " one day I'll awaken my Sharingan and Evolve my first Pokemon because im part of the great elite Uchiha Clan"

~To be continued~