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Pokemon Iron: Pokemon Iron Chapter 2

by EliteArcTrainer

EliteArcTrainer Novak is beasting in his hometown Diamond Town. He might be able to join the league.
Chapter 2 Finally the league

Novak is defeating every single trainer that comes in his path. His team of mienfoo and bulbasaur are unbeatable. Novak's win streak is currently 20. He's like a celebrity in his hometown of Diamond Town.

After his 21st win Novak is finally defeated by a man named Larry. Larry challenged him and sent out a Pikachu that sweeped his team. This was a heartbreaking moment for Novak. He thought if he won a few more times he would get attention from the pokemon league. Larry was apparently a recruited for the league. He planned on recruiting Novak if he caught one more pokemon. Larry gave Novak some pokeballs and he set off to Diamond Plains. In diamond plains you can find many pokemon. Bouffalant and Miltank are the most common though. Novak planned to catch a bouffalant but caught a totodile instead. Larry said that his totodile would become an extremely powerful pokemon in the future.

Larry told Novak to back up his things because he was heading for the Pokemon Secondary League. The secondary league was the league for the rookie trainers. Trainers can only go to the primary league if they reach a 500 skill level. If a trainers skill level goes negative they go to the tertiary league. Same with the primary league. But if a tertiary trainer goes to the negative then they will be forced to leave the league.

The secondary league was in Golden City. He needs to take a plane to get there. It is pretty far. Larry his recruited has this all covered. The only that sucks is that he has to leave his family in Diamond Town.
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