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Pokemon Iron: Pokemon Iron Chapter 1

by EliteArcTrainer

EliteArcTrainer Pokemon Iron is a story about a young man named Novak who is trying to enter the Pokemon League.
Chapter 1 Road to Pokemon League

The Pokemon League was a competition held every year for pokemon trainers, who compete for the Pokemon Champion title. Getting this title was extremely difficult since there are a bunch of great trainers. This is how the Pokemon League works. A trainer has a base skill level of 100. Every victory the trainer gets their skill level increases by 50. And every time a trainer loses their skill level decreases by 100. There is only one Champion. A trainer is only allowed to challenge the Champion if their skill level is equal or more. Recruiters go around the world getting trainers to join the league. They look for good trainers who will compete for them in the league.
Now that you know this let us get on with the story.

Novak had a reputation for being a good trainer. Him and his mienfoo are great partners and have a 11-0 record in the town. Today a boy named Roy challenges him. It's a 1 on 1 battle. Novak uses his mienfoo for every battle because that's his only pokemon.

Roy sends out his dwebble. Novak and mienfoo laugh at the sight of a dwebble. One shot with a jump kick knocks that dwebble out. Well Novak's record is now 12 and 0. He is still undefeated. Novak trains every single day. His dream is to join the Pokemon League and win the Champion title. A lot of people think he has a chance but he needs more pokemon. He can't join the league with just a mienfoo. He's working on getting money to buy some pokeballs. Novak does have a job though. He works at a restaurant called Noodle Bowl. I know not a very creative name. But he wasn't the one who named it. His boss Katsu named it. Katsu was from a foregin region called Almia. He always talks about being a pokemon ranger back in his day but I and my co-workers don't really believe him.

The next day.. Novak was training when a mail man came with a pay check! 200 Pokedollars! That's enough for a pokeball! Novak ran to the bank and got some money! He went to the Pokemart and bought a pokeball. Novak wasn't sure what kind of pokemon he wanted.

Novak went to Dune City Woods. The woods were full of strong pokemon. Novak heard some rustling behind him and saw a bulbasaur eating some berries. Novak sent out mienfoo and initiated the battle. Mienfoo used stone edge and Novak caught bulbasaur with his pokeball! He was one step closer to joining the Pokemon League.
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