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Pokémon invented my creation: Puyo, femell Puyaël, mâle Puyark, femell Feeyaël, mâle Drayark

by DamienEvrard

Puyo and co.png
DamienEvrard Puyo (type: normal) evolves at level 35 in Puyaël (type: fairy) if it is a female, or in Puyark (type: darkness) if it is a male, Puyaël evolves in Feeyaël (type: fairy) Learns Moonblast + 1 level, Puyark evolves into Drayark (type: darkness) if he learns Night Slash + 1 level, Feeyaël can Mega-evolved into Mega-Feeyaël if he holds a Feeyaëlite, Drayark can Mega-evolved into Mega-Drayark if he Holds a Drayarkite