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Pokemon: Hoenn: Pokemon: Hoenn, Chapter 1

by LuckyLucy

LuckyLucy Hi guys, this is a little story I'm working on. I might change things up as I go, but tell me what you think and what else I should add. Sorry is I didn't get things right. Just tell me if I did.
It was beautiful morning in Petalburg City, and it seems that we have a new hero. I wonder what she’s doing…

I sat on my bed, waiting for my alarm clock to go off, like I did every morning, so I could get out of bed and eat breakfast, because I was super hungry and my mom didn’t like me getting up early. Minutes later and my alarm clock finally went off. I jumped out of bed and darted toward my closet. I grabbed my clothes and get dress. I twirled around in my new clothes I had gotten yesterday, my skirt was the color of the sky, and my shirt was orange with blue strips on the sleeves. I ran out my bedroom door and went down stairs. No one was down stairs so I decided to make pancakes. I was excellent at baking, because my dad had taught me all sorts of things, like pancakes, cakes, bread, and a lot more. When my parents came down stairs, I had already set the table and was putting pancakes onto their plates.

“Raina, it’s your birthday, you didn’t have to do this.” My mom said,

“I was hungry, I couldn’t help it!” I replied, my parents sat down and started eating. These were probably one of my best batches yet. After breakfast, I opened the two presents my parents had gotten me. I opened the purple first. I pulled out of the box a new, red, backpack! “Thanks, I needed one of these!” I said looking inside my new bag. The next one was wrapped in red like my bag. It was smaller, but I knew it would be cool! I unwrapped it and I saw a book with all 801 Pokemon in it! “Thank you so much, this is amazing!” I exclaimed hugging them both. I turned around and saw what time it was! “Whoops, got to go, see you after I get my Pokemon!” I ran out the door and down the street.

“Raina, your clothes!” My mom called, but I was too far away to hear her. I was about to get my Pokemon, and I couldn’t wait! When I got there I ran through the door and realized I didn’t know which Pokemon I wanted. I saw Professor Birch there.

“Oh, hello Raina.” He said with a welcoming smile.

“Hello, I’m here for my Pokemon!” I replied, he chuckled.

“Of course, but unfortunately there is only one Pokemon left.”

“Thats okay, I didn’t really know which one I wanted anyway!” I said with a giggle. He picked up the last Poke-ball and threw it into the air, and out came a Mudkip! It immediately ran over to the cart the Poke-balls were on, and hid behind it. It must have been scarred. “Hey, it’s okay buddy, I just want to be friends!” I said kneeling down next to the cart. It slowly walked over to my hand that I had put out. It touched my hand with its hand and got more comfortable, you could say. It jumped onto my arm and went up onto my shoulder!

“I think it likes you!” Professor Birch said with a laugh. “Here are your Poke-balls and Poked. Good luck with your joinery.” He said waving to be as I want out the door. I saw my parents waiting outside.

“Here are your clothes, water, snacks, and your 801 Pokemon book.” My mom said as she crammed all the stuff in my bag. Then she saw Mudkip. “Aw, thats so cute!” She said patting it on the head.

“Mudkip mud!” It replied,

“Bye hun, good luck!” My dad called, I waved bye to them as I ran toward town, It was going to be fun becoming a Pokemon Performer! Oh yeah, I never told you that, I want to become Hoenn Queen! It was going to be hard, but I knew I could do it!

Our new hero is on her way to become Hoenn queen, will she become queen? Well, we’ll see, as the journey continues…
  1. milk_tea
    This is adorable. Such a sweet little Hoenn story like this deserves praise. There are a few spelling errors, so watch out for those. Otherwise, it's perfect.
    Apr 15, 2019
    Misty Diamond likes this.
  2. LuckyLucy
    By the way guys, I'm deffenelty going to change this alot. I will come up with anorther Chapter 1.
    Apr 9, 2019
    Misty Diamond likes this.
  3. LuckyLucy
    Apr 6, 2019
    Misty Diamond likes this.
    little tip: there are 812 pokemon (if you count meltan, melmetal, and gen 8's starters, marshadow, and the 5 new ultra beast.)
    Apr 6, 2019
    Misty Diamond and LuckyLucy like this.
  5. LuckyLucy
    Hope you like it! :)
    Apr 5, 2019
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