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Pokemon: Hoenn Adventure Part 5

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox When Drake's Shelgon is sick, can he and Brendan help? Also, Eggs are miracles, ya know!
"Great job Wailmer." Brendan said as he returned his whale pokemon fainted. Drake and his Machop were too strong for Brendan's whale pokemon. "You did pretty awesome Ruby." Drake congratulated, using one of his nice nicknames. "Thanks, Dragon Kid." You see, Drake and Brendan got along great when Drake and Gabe weren't arguing. "Shell......" They heard. The boys turned around to see Drake's Shelgon moaning. It was looking very pale, and looked weak. "You okay Buddy?" Drake asked worriedly. "Shelgon." It said, shaking his head. "Don't worry Shelgon! I'll get you to Nurse Joy A.S.A.P!" Drake assured. "Let's go, Drake!" With the soon to be- wait, no spoilers. "Wartortle, Aqua Jet!" Gabe ordered. Gabe was trying to teach his starter Aqua Jet, but too little access. "You can do it guys!" Oran cheered. Her Quallidin was cheering for his turtle friend too. Wartortle managed to create a small bit of water around himself, but couldn't keep it up. "Nice try dude." Gabe congratulate. "You need help?" They heard. The co- no spoilers BlueFox, turned around to see CHAMPION OF THE JOHTO LEAGUE, Gold and his Typhlosion and his apprentice: Lack 2!
"GOLD?!" The kids shouted, shocked. "I think they need help senior." Lack 2, or Nate, said. "They do indeed." Gold stated. Gold released his strongest water types, Mantine and Politoed. And so the Johto champion and his new student trained. With our favourite baffoons! Drake's Shelgon didn't look so well. It was really pale, and coughing horribley. "Shelgon..." Drake mumbled, nervous. Brendan was just as nervous, if not more. Nurse Joy was doing her best, but it wasn't working. Nurse Joy's Chansey was moaning, when suddenly, it's egg hatched! The egg was a Happiny! It went over to Brendan, and tapped his for head. Brendan understood. "Happiny, Metrenome!" Calm Mind. "Again!" Wish! After a minute, Shelgon looked normal again, and woke up, energetic. Drake started sniffling, and then hugged his partner pokemon, smiling. Brendan's smile was wide, and went wider when the Happiny pressed his stubby paw on Brendan's pokeball.

Somewhat sappy, huh? I hope you like Happiny. She is gonna appear quite a bit!