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Pokemon: Hoenn Adventure Part 4

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Gabe's Wartortle and The Dewford Gym Leader's Medichamp are having a intense battle. Meanwhile, Brendan is probably being a happy jackass again. "He's Right!" Brendan exclaimed. When did you get here? "I dunno." Time for security. "WHAT?!!?"
"Wartortle, Hydro Pump!" Gabe's Wing Headed Turtle released a big stream of water, which pushed Sally's Medichamp into a gym wall. "Psychic! Then Thunder Punch!" The meditation pocket monster lifted the blue starter into the air, before striking him with a thunder punch. "Quick, Rapid Spin!" The attacking spinning shell smashed into the dual type, damaging it heavily. "Ice Punch, then Bite!" Gabe's partner Turtle hit the psychic type, then bit into Medichamp's arm. Brendan's Vigoroth was watching eagerly. It was a truly intense battle. The vicious sloth was hyped. With our favourite joyful jackass..... "Wailmer, Hydro Pump then body slam!" Brendan yelled. His newest pokemon was a good fighter, but the brave natured whale needed training. He was battling Oran and her Quilladin (Her chespin evolved, and she caught a numel.) "Needle Arm!" The green shelled squirrel's arm glowed bright green, slamming into the whale's face. "Ice Beam!" The Whale shot out the strong ice attack, damaging the grass starter. "Grass Knot!" The stubby armed rodent stomped on the ground, in which two vines came out near the big blue mammal and smacked it. "Rollout!" The chipmunk like monster curled into a ball, then crashed on the large ball whale. "Quick, Water Gun, then, hyper beam!" The Water type nodded, shooting a blast of water at the paladin pokemon. "Hyper Beam?" Oran asked, surprised. "Code for...." Brendan's Wailmer blasted a sheer cold big blast of ice at the Quilladin. "....Blizzard." "Good battle, you won! You should be able to beat the gym leader now!" Brendan looked embarresed, because, what happened was Gabe threatened to show Brendan's diary to his childhood friend May if he didn't quit gym battling. It was mostly because Gabe was competitive, and the fact that he wanted to impressed Oran. "Well, thanks, but I gotta go get Gabe." He waved goodbye to see Drake and his Sharpedo battling Some guy's Ivysaur. He ran as fast as he could, cause as soon as Drake was done battling that guy... "Yo, Rufflet Rookie!" He heard. That was Drake's nickname for him. "Battle, right?" "Yup! I like shorts, there comfy and easy to wear!" He declared. "What the #@%* dude." Brendan asked. "Hear it online." "Go, Wailmer!" "Let's do this Machop!"

Hope you liked this chapter! Bluefox out!
  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    This story is over, but there is another called Elemental Academy that is still excepting Oc's. It's one of mine.
    Oct 21, 2014
  2. Adrian2AMBoss
    Add me in Next Chapter!
    Oct 21, 2014