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Pokemon: Hoenn Adventure Final Part 2!!!! END

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox The FINAL CHAPTER. I know this series was really rushed, but that is for a reason. By the way, that Red and Blue thing is gonna be like once a 2 week thing. The real story begins soon.....
After successfully capturing the wish maker and the golems, the kids now are battling Smith and Rayquaza, the world in their hands. "Psychic!" "Iron Head!" "Stone Edge!" "Blizzard!" The strong attacks heavily damaged Rayquaza, but the legendary stood strong. VERY Strong. "TWISTER, THEN OUTRAGE!!!!" The green pokemon released a strong blow of wind at Jirachi and Oran, then a strong blast of blue fire at Registeel and Brendan. The two were hurt badly. "ICE BEAM!" Gabe screamed. "ROCK WRECKER!" Drake shouted. The two strong attacks were launched, and it did pretty damn good on hurting Rayquaza. "USE YOUR STONGEST MOVE!!! UNIVERSAL STORM!!!!" The green legendary created a giant dark cloud, creating a 2000 charged giga bolt thunder bolt that completely inihalated the 2 legendaries. "WAHAHA! I have won!" Smith screamed. "No...you....Haven't..." He heard. The boss turned around to see Gabe with his Blastoise. But Blastoise looked different. IT WAS MEGA BLASTOISE. "HYDRO CANNON!!!!!!" Gabe yelled, no mercy in his voice. And after the three strong blasts of water hit, it was over. Gabe had won. And then he fainted. Still, he won.
10 years later....... "Brendan, Ray, Come on!" May shouted. Her husband and a 6 year old boy ran downstairs. "I know May, today were meeting up with the others!" Brendan exclaimed. "I can's wait to see Pecha!" The little boy said.. Brendan looked different. He was now 26, had a red jacket on, black jeans, and his brown hair was now sticking out. The boy had brown hair also, but it was hidden by a white beanie, and he wore a orange t-shirt with black siluohette of a Mudkip on it. He had brown shorts and a Mudkip on his shoulder. They drove too the Petalburg city park, where they met up with Drake, his wife, Flannery, and his 6 year old son, Blaze. Blaze had a red shirt, grey pants, and spikey black hair. A rare red Dratini was wrapped onto his arm. Later, Gabe, Oran and their 5 year old daughter Pecha came. Pecha had a blue t-shirt, black jeans, long brown hair and a Bulbasaur near her feet. The kids went off to play, while the adults stayed and talked. About Smith, who has gone missing after the final battle, and how that they knew if evil struck again, a new generation can defend it.

The final chapter is done. The new story will be released tonight. Untill then,


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