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pokemon history of ace: pokemon history of ace vol 3 a gym of challenge

by acema23

acema23 ace and may face the rusboro gym leader Roxanne
after a lot of training ace and may challenge the rock gym leader Roxanne
Roxanne-okay lets start this
may was going first and defeated roxanne easy lee
may-that was awesome i enjoyed battling you
roxanne-good job here's the stone badge
may-alright ace is your turn
ace-my turn alright lets get this started
ace was nervous of fighting roxanne he nos that fire types is weak to rock but he had double kick
ace-lets start
roxanne send out geodude and ace send out cumbusken geodude din't last long but next nosepass was next cumbusken struggled againt's him cumbusken din't want to see he's trainer sad so he gave his best
ace-cumbusken its okay to lose if you what to rest say it
cumbusken gained happiness and started growing cumbusken activated he's blase ability
cumbusken use flamethrower and defeated roxanne
roxanne-i'm impress here take the stone badge
ace-thank you alright may lets go
and so our heroes gain there first badge a success has gained more happiness to cumbusken to be continued
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