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Pokemon GO.

by IgnisVulpes

IgnisVulpes I simply speak of features that would be neat.
Okay, so pretty much everybody is familiar with Pokemon GO. If you are not, then go type in "Pokemon GO trailer" on YouTube and thank me later. So, there are a few concepts to Pokemon GO that most of us may wonder how they will implement it.
First off, how will the PC work? Like, for switching out your Pokemon from your party to your boxes? I thought that maybe you set your home as a PC area, so as long as you are home, you can edit your party, but as long as you are out and about on vacation or just at a friend's house, you have to stick with whatever team you left with. It will make you think about who to bring along.
Another thing is currency. Pokedollar will probably still be the currency, but how do you actually get currency? Would it be from winning battles? If so, would you receive the same amount from every trainer, or would the amount vary depending how how skilled the opponent (average level of their Pokemon, maybe?) I assume that there will be a Pokemart as well to stock up on a trainers common items like Pokeballs and Super Potions.
Also, I think that a cool feature would be that you can choose to let your Pokemon follow you. For example, if you want your Growlithe to follow you, you simply release it from it's Pokeball. Then you can see it following behind you or aside you if you look in such places. If they added certain features like that, and Pokemon Amie features, a trainer could grow closer to their Pokemon. If anybody else has some ideas that they think would be pretty rad, let me know and we can discuss it.