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Pokemon Fun Chapter 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Join the young Pokemon Trainer Eddie on his journey to become the most skilled trainer across the regions, with his friends, rivals and enemies joining him on the ride! Feel free to send in OC's!
In the peaceful town of Burgundy, a young boy with brown hair and a green t-shirt lays in his bed, wearing dark blue shorts with two Pokeballs on the drawer next to him. A lighter green stripe was across his green shirt and his brown hair was ruffled up a bit, making it curly. He slowly opened his eyes, having been sleeping, revealing hazel eyes in the centre, with his pupils wide and deep black.
"Yawn...Well, it's another day for Eddie's adventure....Yesterday was a big one...Though, I gotta admit, the second gym leader was pretty strong....Maybe I should have gotten a water type to face his fire types..." The boy continued speaking to himself as the two Pokeballs began shaking, then released the Pokemon inside, which were a 3'0 foot tall green like gecko with a red belly and leafs on it's head and hands, and a brown rat like creature with red and yellow eyes.
"Oh, hi guys! Excited for today as well?" Eddie asked his partners, who nodded, and began bouncing up and down.
"Gro-Grovyle!" The green reptile exclaimed, and hopped on the walls, sticking on to it with it's leaf blades.
"Patrat, you did really good against that Numel yesterday! Even if you lost to Damon's Fletchinder..." Eddie congratulated his Pokemon, who blushed in response.
"HEY! EDDIE, you in there!??!" A young male voice screamed outside the door, making Eddie hold his head in pain.
"Yes, Michael..." Eddie grumbled, walking over to the door, putting on his white slippers and opening it to see his friend Michael, who had spiky dark brown hair and freckles on his cheeks. He had blue eyes and a blue shirt to match. A white silhouette of the dark symbol was printed across his shirt, and he had brown khaki pants with black sneakers.
"Helloooo! I heard you got a new Gym Badge, and as our rule from when we began our journey....." Michael began, gesturing his head towards Eddie.
"Ugh...We have a battle. How did you know where I was, though?" The green attired trainer finished.
"I ran across the whole town looking for you! And when I got to the Burgundy Redwood Hotel, the lady at the desk said that you were staying here in Room 21!" Michael responded, making Eddie sweat drop.
"Well I suppose we go outside to battle..." Eddie mumbled, and recalled his Grovyle, with his Patrat hopping on his shoulder.
"YEAH!" Michael shouted, grabbing Eddie by the hand and dragging him downstairs, causing Eddie to shriek all the way down.
Eventually the pair reached the outside of the motel, where a field of grass was presented in front of them. Eddie walked over to one side while his opponent walked over to the other.
"Now let's begin! Patrat, you're up!" Eddie announced, Patrat hopping off his shoulder and landing on the battlefield.
"Let's go...um...Hrm....Let's see...Seel!" Michael exclaimed, sending out the simple designed water type, not before rumbling through his backpack to find what Pokemon he wanted to use.
"Seel, Water Gun!" Michael ordered, and the seal creature did as followed, shooting a blast of water out of his mouth at Patrat.
"Dodge and use Dig!" Eddie commanded, with Patrat jumping up in the air, avoiding the aquatic attack, and dived into the ground, burrowing down into the ground.
"Hm...Seel, use Ice Shard!" Michael said, with his Seel creating several shards of ice that surrounded him in a circle like formation.
"Now, get out of that area and trap him underground his an Ice Beam!" Michael called, with Seel jumping out of the circle and freezing the centre of it. He waddled over to the beginning of the hole and sent a Water Gun down it. Seconds later, Patrat was sent flying up out of the ground, hitting the ice made by the Ice Beam with his head, cracking the surface
"Ouch...Patrat, you okay?" Eddie asked his Pokemon, used Scratch on the ice, breaking it and crawled out slowly, then groaned in response.
"Take some time to rest for now! Go, Grovyle!" Eddie yelled, returning his rat like scout and sending out his starter.
"Ooh! So your tiny little Treecko evovled! How about I send out mine, now! Return, Seel, and go, Monferno!" Michael shouted, with a orange monkey Pokemon coming out of his Pokeball, a large flame on the tip of it's tail.
"I remember when Chimchar and Treecko first battled....We know what the outcome was." Eddie smirked.
"Don't you remember when it was Treecko versus Monferno...? That wasn't the same at all." Michael countered, smiling confidently.
"Well, here we go!!! Grovyle, Leaf Blade!" Eddie ordered, with Grovyle's leaves glowing bright green and dashing towards his opponent.
"Mach Punch him to heck!" Michael called, and Monferno's fist ignited in a blue aura, and charged at the grass starter.
"GRO!" "MON!" The Pokemon growled, as they collided with each other instantly.
Well that's the end of the first chapter! Hope you liked it! Also, please send an OC or an idea for a future chapter! It would be cool.
Gym Leaders beaten:
Ventus, Flying Type
Damon, Fire Type
  1. Mewtwofan259
    I kinda have O.C. His name is Logan, he has black hair, a black trenchcoat, and a backpack. He is the Champion of Kalos and there is a trainer card of him on my profile.
    Mar 27, 2016