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Pokemon Forrest 3

by raymangirl6

raymangirl6 After Lena and Buddy ran into Virdian Forrest, they see something SO rare they might NEVER see it again.
"Buddy, look at all the wild pikachus!", Lena said happily. Lena and Buddy ran into Virdian Forrest to get to the next city, so that way, Lena could own a gym badge. "Pichu Pi.", Buddy said, shivering with fear. "Oh come on Buddy, there is nothing in this forrest that will hurt us!", Lena said, trying to have a positive attitude.
*Rustle Rustle* went a bush and Buddy was REALLY scared now. Suddenly, something out of the bush! It was blue and looked like a little cat. "Mew Mew", the strange pokemon said. "BUDDY! ITS A SHINY MEW!!", Lena shouted. "PIIIIIIIIII!", Buddy screamed. Suddenly the shiny mew ran away. "OH NO!!", Lena said, sadly. "Pichu Pi?", Buddy was asking his trainer if she was ok. " Buddy, I am fine, its just..that was my first time seeing a shiny, maybe we can see it again?", Lena said.
*WHOOSH* went the wind and soon, Lena and Buddy was caught in the most powerful wind ever! "What are we going to do??", Lena shouted. TO BE CONTINUED....
  1. raymangirl6
    yep and of course Buddy will not only be cute but he will evolve sooner or later during the story
    Sep 6, 2014
  2. AzureEdge
    Woah woah woah, shiny mew? Things did take a turn of events.
    Buddy is so cute as always!
    Sep 6, 2014
    raymangirl6 likes this.