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Pokemon Firered Nuzlocke Part 1

by Meggie Poo

Meggie Poo Brianne gets her first pokemon and beats the rival. Then she talks to her mother.
Mom:"Brianne it's time to get up!" "Do you want to get a starter Pokemon or not?" Brianne:"Oh yeah I'm going to be a Pokemon trainer!" "Ok mom I'm coming!" She got dressed. She ran down the stairs. Mom:"Oak was looking for you." Brianne:"I'll see you later and I'll have my starter!" She grabbed a Cherry Pop-Tart from the fridge. She walked out into the tall grass. Oak:"Stop!" "It's dangerous to go out without a Pokemon!" "Come with me!" He takes her to the lab. Preston:"Hey gramps!" "Can I get my Pokemon?" Oak:"Brianne gets to pick first." Preston:"Hey no fair!" "Why does she get to go first?" Oak:"Ladies first." Preston:"Hmph." Brianne:"I'll take the Fire Type Charmander." Oak:"A good choice indeed." "Brianne do you want to give it a nickname?" Brianne:"Is it a boy or girl?" Oak:"A girl." Brianne:"I'll name her Charlotte." Oak:"A very great name indeed." Preston:"I'll take Squirtle then." "Hey Brianne let's battle!" Brianne:"Ok!" "Get ready to lose!" "Go Charlotte!" Preston:"Go Squirtle!" Brianne:"Use Scratch!" Preston:"Use Tackle!" Oak:"Be careful you two!" "Don't destroy my lab!" Both:"Ok!" Charlotte:"Are you my new trainer miss umm?" "What is your name?" Brianne:"Yeah I am." "I'm Brianne." "You can call me Brie for short." "Ok?" Charlotte:"That's a really cute name!" Charlotte dodged the attack and inflicted ten damage to Squirtle. Brianne:"Use Scratch!" Preston:"Use Tackle!" Charlotte dodged the attack again and knocked out Squirtle. Preston:"Darn it!" "I picked the wrong Pokemon!" He gives her $80 Pokedollars. Oak:"You won!" "She has a Careful Nature by the way." Brianne:"Charlotte?" Oak:"Yes." Charlotte:"Charlotte's my name?" "I love it!" "Can you call me Charlie for short?" Brianne."Yes I sure can." She left the lab with Charlotte in tow. Brianne:"Mom I'm home!" "Come and meet Charlotte!" Mom."Aww a Charmander." "She's so adorable!" "I knew you would pick the Fire Type." Charlotte:"Thank you Brianne's mom." Mom:"You can talk?" "Oh my goodness." "I know why you can talk." It's because of the Nuzlocke Challenge." Charlotte:"Nuzlocke?" Mom:"If you faint Charlotte you will die." "Only one Pokemon can be captured on each route." "Nicknames are required." "Shiny Pokemon are an exception." Brianne:"Tomorrow we'll catch our first Pokemon!"
  1. Meggie Poo
    Meggie Poo
    This is based off of my best friend Brianne.
    Mar 25, 2015