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Pokemon fields

by Dreammaker23

Mega Brellom.png Prado cactune.png Ultra meganium.png region.png typhlosion mutaded.png
Dreammaker23 Pokemon field are a game localizaded in the WishiWashi Island a secret region, are find with the professor Bonsay and Bonsly. In the region no have Magikarp's But are WishiWashis Transforming the the form of the island in a WishiWashy Shool form Head The Starter are Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil . But conditions affect every corner of the region, Making 4 Diferents Zones Of the island minus a desert. The pokemon's that lived in a desert they went to the autumn mountain.
Breloom:Has mutated to have a mega
Meganium and feraligatr : Has a Ultra form like anothers pokemon
And other pokemon have a Field Version:If have a dark type is replaced for another type like cactune
Adn Mutation : Are pokemon's mutated to get another type like typhlosion earning the electric type and replaced the fire type for the water type
  1. Dreammaker23
    the map is work in progress 5 likes in this post to the update version
    Dec 22, 2016