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Pokemon Explorers: Pokemon Explorers [Part 4] Meeting Mr. Pokemon

by PkmnTrainerMike

PkmnTrainerMike Our heroes have woken up and are now ready to try out their new Old Rods. But they meet a few people along the way! Who will they be? Find out in the title in this edition of Pokémon Explorers!
Our heroes have just woken up and eaten breakfast. They have gotten dressed and are now ready to go on their Pokémon adventure! "I can't wait to try out the Old Rods that the salesman gave us!" said Jason. "I just want to get to the lake and go for a swim!" Adam said with a swimsuit and towel under his arm. "Who's that by the front desk?" said Ashley. Jason stopped in his tracks. "It's Mr. Pokémon!" He shrieked. A super nerd looked up from where he was standing. "Wow! It really is Mr. Pokémon!" he yelled. Jason and the super nerd walked up to Mr. Pokémon. "Can I have your autograph!?" they said in unison.

"Well of course you can!" Mr. Pokémon boomed. He signed Jason and the super nerd's pokeball. "Now you're really special Magneton!" said the super nerd. "Also, I've been studying the eggs in this region and I wanted to give some to Pokémon trainers!" Ashley ran over to Mr. Pokémon. "I've been studying lots about Pokémon eggs!" she said. "Well then I guess you can have one to." Mr. Pokémon said. He handed them each an egg. The super nerd walked back to his corner to play a game on his GameBox400, Dungen Destroyers.

Jason and Ashley walked to the desk and checked out. "Hey, where did Adam go?" Ashley said. Adam had gone missing again. "ADAM!" they called. No answer. They went outside "ADAM?" Still no answer. "He might be at Verity Lakefront already." said Jason. They set off for Verity Lakefront. As they got closer, they heard yelling. "You cheated!" one voice said. "Me? Cheat? Why would I ever do that?" said another voice. As they entered Verity Lakefront they saw who the voices were

"You must have cheated!" yelled Adam. "Do you even know who I am?" "I am Gary Oak, son of Samuel Oak, Professor of the Kanto region." "Adam what's going on?" said Ashley. "He cheated!" "He used only one Pokémon to defeat my entire team!" Next to Gary Oak was a Wartortle. "He even beat my new Pokémon!" Adam sent out a balloon Pokémon. "The pokedex says that it's a Driftloon." said Jason. "I came here to find a red Gyarados. I know that it only lives in the Johto region but I thought it might be here.

"AHHH!" Ashley shrieked. A huge red Pokemon emerged from the water. "The red Gyarados!" "Wartortle use rapid spin!" The pokemon curled in it's shell and flung itself at the red Pokémon. "Ok Wartortle use bite!" The turtle Pokemon bit the red monster. But with a thrash of it's tail, the turtle was fainted. "Return Wartortle." "Go Pidgeotto!" Gary yelled. A bird Pokemon came out of the ball. "Air Slash Pidgeotto!" The bird used air slash but was blocked with a powerful bite. The Pidgeotto fainted as well.

The red Gyarados returned to the lake. "NOO!" Gary screamed. "I wish I had some help from gramps!" He stormed off out of the Lakefront. After that, everyone fished and Adam swam in the lake. For dinner that night, they had fried Magikarp.
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  1. sucuri
    That is gross that they are eating a Pokemon, dude :( What wrong Magikarp do, to be eaten by humans? They could catch one and train it to be Gyarados.
    Besides very nice story, I like how u are able to keep them short and interesting.
    I am always willing to write much more, but that's just my style.
    Keep it up!
    Jun 27, 2016