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Pokemon Explorers: Pokemon Explorers [Part 2] an Onix-spected discovery

by PkmnTrainerMike

PkmnTrainerMike What happened now? Why did you leave us with a cliffhanger, that was scary :( Why is there bad puns in the title? only the first question will be answered in this part of Pokémon Explorers!
"WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM!!!" Adam's mom was going bananas. More bananas than a Primeape. "Mam'n, please calm down!" Said the police officer. "CALM DOWN? YOU WANT ME TO CALM DOWN? MY SON IS MISSING!" "Please miss we just need to ask you-" "ASK ME WHAT?????!!!!!" "what...he...lookslike..." "Oh, well he..." Yep, bananas.

Jason and Ashley were standing outside of Adam's house and could hear the screaming. "Man that officer must be having a bad time." Said Ashley. "Yep, looks like she's going nuts." Just then Professor Rowan walked up behind them. "Jason, Ashley, do you know where Adam could have gone?" "I have an idea of where he might be." said Ashley. "He might have gone to the forest to train." "Well if you are going to the forest then this is the perfect opportunity to try and catch some pokemon." "Take these 5 pokeballs." Professor Rowan handed each of them 5 pokeballs.

After Rowan told Adam's mother about what the others were doing, the two set off into the forest. When they entered, Ashley saw a small green pokemon and caught it. "The pokedex says that it's a Budew." "It's so cute!"
After a while they saw a cave entrance. They walked towards the cave and a Starly attacked out of nowhere. Jason damaged it a little and caught it. "I know that this is a Starly, they fly all over the town." They entered the cave and found no pokemon. This was very odd because caves are usualy swarming with Zubat or Geodude.

"Man, this is weird." said Jason. "This never happens when people enter caves." They searched almost the whole cave and couldn't find Adam or the pokemon. All they found were a potion and an escape rope. They went to the farthest back part of the cave. Inside it was... "lights?" "Why are there lights in here?" said Ashley. At the back of the room were hundreds of Geodude, Zubat, Diglett, and Golbat. All of them moved away to reveal. A Crystal Onix.

And behind the Onix was Adam. The pokemon had captured him. Jason battled the Onix.
"Turtwig, Absorb!" Turtwig used absorb on the onix and it did supper effective damage. "You join in to Piplup, Water Gun!" The Onix was at the red health zone. "Adam Take this pokeball!" Jason threw a pokeball at Adam.
He pressed it agenst the Crystal Onix. One shake, Two shakes, Three shakes, caught.

Ashley used a potion on Adam's Chimchar and Jason used an escape rope. "I thought I could handle being in the cave by myself, but I guess I wasn't ready." "Sorry you guys had to go through the trouble of getting me out of the cave." "Adam," said Jason, "its ok." When Adam and his mom were reunited, they had a delicious dinner.

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