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Pokemon Explorers: Pokemon Explorers [Part 1]

by PkmnTrainerMike

PkmnTrainerMike Follow the life of Jason, a young boy who is getting his very first pokemon today. This is my first story so please don't hate me for this.
It was 8:00 in the morning and Jason was already up and atom. He was so excited because he was getting his first pokemon today! He was so excited that he almost forgot his notepad with diffrent facts about pokemon. "My you must be excited." said Jason's mom. "Yeah I am, I'm getting my first pokemon today!" Jason ran out the door and yelled behind him. "Bye mom!"

He dashed into the pokemon lab and ran to the professor. "Ah, hello Jason." said Professor Rowan. "You're just in time to pick your very first pokemon!" All of a sudden, another kid burst into the lab. "Professor Rowan!" he exclaimed. "Am I too late to get a pokemon?" "Now now Adam..." said Rowan. "You have pleanty of time. We just need to wait fo-." Midscentence, Rowan stopped to see a young girl walk into the lab. "Hello professor." said the girl. "Ashley! come in." said Rowan.

"Now that everyone is here its time to pick your very first pokemon!" All the kids gathered around a desk. The desk had 3 pokeballs lying on top of it. "Jason, choose your starter pokemon." "I pick this one!" Jason opened the pokeball and out poped a Turtwig. "I'm gonna get this one!" Adam took the pokeball and opened it. Inside was a Chimchar. "Then I guess I will have this one." She took the last pokeball and opened it. Inside was a Piplup.

"Here everyone, take a pokedex to." said Rowan. "I want you guys to try and fill out the pokedex for the Sinnoh region." "Once you are done, bring it back to me." "Have a great trip guys!" After they left the lab, the trainers talked to each other. We know sooner or later, they will become best friends.

Jason went back home and played with his Turtwig all day. It was some of the most fun he has ever had. Ashley went back to Professor Rowan to ask for some tips about being a pokemon trainer. She was just starting to learn about diffrent kinds of pokemon facts. But Adam had a diffrent idea of that day. He went into the forest near the town to try and fight pokemon. Little did he know, something bad would happen.
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